Statement of Purpose Persuasive Essay

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I am writing this essay to state the reasons of my motivation for further studying and to reflect my future career plans as well as the motives behind the choice of The MA Program in Economics at Bogazici University. I made an internship in Halkbank in 2008 and participated informative programs in Turkish Competition Authority and Undersecretariat of Treasury. In these trainings, I had the chance to know the working environment in these institutions and I have an impression that they do the same stuff everyday.

I think that such a routine is not suitable for me. I know that I will have a kind of routine in academic life also but I think that working in an academic environment will be much more exciting because I can do research most of the time, learn many different topics and work in a variety of subject areas. Therefore, I have chosen to continue my education and pursue an academic career. As you can see from my transcript, I took several statistics and econometrics classes and these classes attracted me to study econometrics deeply.

Due to this reason, I studied about the econometric modelling of work accidents in Turkey in my seminar class. Especially, I want to expand my knowledge in econometrics and study econometric modelling. After preparing my seminar project, I began to be interested in labor economics and microeconomic issues. Besides econometrics, I want to deepen my knowledge in these topics also. The MA Program in Economics at Bogazici University is based on econometrics and microeconomics courses generally so I think that I can improve my abilities in my interest areas within the scope of this program.

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I have been thought by very good lecturers at METU and I have taken a wide range of must and elective courses so I think that I have a strong background. Although my grades in the first and second year do not reflect this, I significantly increased my grades after the third year with hard work. By looking my strong background and the improvement of my performance I believe that I will be successful in the MA Program. I am a hard working and determined person and I believe that the MA Program of Bogazici University contribute my academic aims significantly.

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