A statement of purpose (essay) for the LL.M. Comparative Law program in the University of Miami

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A career in law has long been my greatest dream. I believe part of it was inspired by the movie characters of smart, educated lawyers who can break through the legal caveats to prove the innocence of a guileless victim.

The other part came from my fascination with the intricacies of law and complicated logic involved in legal decisions and choices. Today, looking back upon my education and experience, I feel that I am ready to face the challenges of the profession and legal education.

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The LL.M. Comparative Law program in the University of Miami seems to be the best match for my intentions and plans. Reliance on comparison of legal systems in different nations targeted at a diverse student body will help me leverage my expertise in various aspects of Russian law.

Simultaneously, I will be able to benefit from learning about other nations’ legislation, communicating with students from all over the world. The international character of the program is a great advantage for someone who, like me, plans to become a top professional of the global calibre. An extensive alumni network scattered all over the globe will provide me with networking opportunities and help establish contacts that often form the foundation of a legal career.

The small size of the student body involved in the LL.M. Comparative Law program gives me hope to build long-term relationships with my colleagues, and a wide range of international programs supported by the University of Miami School of Law will also be useful to help establish a wide range of connections.

I hope to turn my time at the University of Miami into a memorable experience filled with intense study, but also with strong extracurricular work that would widen my horizons and scope of experience. Having been active in different university pursuits in Russia, I hope to contribute to the existing student groups and clubs and possible create new ones.

The variety of courses and wide scope of their content will help me attain the desired result: customize my education to fit my specific goals. I plan to focus on international law during my studies. At the time, this area is most promising in my home country and would broaden my scope of choices, enabling me to qualify for an appropriate job in Moscow or anywhere else in the world.

Whatever my destination can be, I hope to obtain a position with a respectable, well-established law firm that would equip me with a practical foundation to support my theoretical expertise. From then on, I hope to build my career through successful work and growing professionalism, aspiring to become partner in the firm where I will be employed.

Thus, I hope that my enrolment in the LL.M. Comparative Law program in the University of Miami will deliver the results that meet my aspirations. It will expand my knowledge base dramatically, raise my expertise in various domains of law, and make me the type of professional that can represent interests of clients on an international level.

I hope that this educational effort will open to me the new world of international law, helping me make a greater contribution to the field and in particular development of law in my country. Russia still has to go a long way to bring its laws in line with international standards, and I believe that in my career activities I can contribute to this process. Building long-term relationships with other students and broadening my social network will also be helpful on my way toward professional success.

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