Statement of Purpose Critical Analysis

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Back in the days when personal computers were only beginning to be commonplace in India's middle class homes, I came across a newspaper article that claimed "computer engineers will one day be as necessary and in-demand as doctors". I remember thinking that the statement was too bold and overstated. However, later that year, I began realizing how true that article wasthe share price of Infosys, India's premier IT Company, had just become the costliest in the market. My cousin, who worked there as a software developer, was my first source of inspiration.

As he began explaining to me the scope of applications computers could be used for, from banking to shopping, I became aware of the computer revolution that was already in the making and I most certainly wanted to be a part of it. Following my interest, I elected computers as my undergraduate branch and I am glad I did so because most of the courses were to my liking. Although the first two years of B. Tech had relatively few core subjects, the syllabus was helpful in developing a holistic view of the computer science field.

My initial interests lay in the programming languages- C, C++ and Java and on realizing that I had a good aptitude in the same and even in Software Engineering, ventured beyond assigned tasks. As a peer teacher for Software engineering, I gained valuable experience from assisting my teacher while also perfecting my subject skills. My final year project consisted of developing SECURED DATA TRANSMISSION THROUGH NETWORK by using java in a team of 3. This is the project we have done based on real time organisational analysis.

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The objective of this project is, “hiding a secret message with in a image in such a way others cannot discern the presence or contents of the hidden message. We have used L. S. B technique for developing this project. My part in this project is designing the project using SE techniques like Software specifications, checking quality, flexibility. I began attending various workshops and seminars on Software Engineering . Participation in these conferences enabled me to gain access to some of the best minds dedicated to research in my country and I realized how rewarding and meaningful a career in research could be.

My class seminar on SDLC(Software Development Life Cycle) models was appreciated by all of my colleagues. This provided me enough confidence which helped me for further studies and research on it. As I stand at the cusp of my career and appraise my academic interests and goals. During my undergraduate study, I actively participated in many extra-curricular activities. I have been an organiser in a National level technical symposium on organized by IEEE Student Branch at our college, where I was Appreciated with BEST COMMITMENT award.

I have been able to realize and tap my ability to work independently as well as in a team. , I know that the most satisfying and rational decision would be the one for pursuing further studies. The pace of advancement, with last-years innovations being supplanted by this year's inventions, calls for a deeper understanding of the fundamentals and more hands-on experience. My UG years, although not spent in the elite schools of India, were just as helpful in strengthening my ken.

But high-end infrastructure such as specialized labs and a research-oriented manner of teaching was wanting and I hope to make up for this lack by studying in GERMANY, a country much given to research and innovation. After spending a number of hours exploring the university's facilities and course structure while also considering feedback from alumni, I am confident that this University is an apt choice. The student-body mix of the University is a potpourri of people from all over the world and I think such an environment is conducive to the overall development of a student.

I want to be a part of great research and contribute to it while also increasing my knowledge by interacting with professors of such great standing. I am confident about my capability in meeting the challenges the work poses. Being an international student, I believe I can contribute to the heterogeneity of the class with my unique ethics, culture and style of thinking. Assimilating knowledge and applying it to advance society is my definition of learning and I believe that a master's study followed by dedicated research will take me one step closer in this endeavor.

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