Reasons to go to college

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An Analysis of the Value of Pursuing Higher Education

In this day and age, it feels like pursuing higher education is a necessity for success. Go to any high school and you’d be hard-pressed to find students who aren’t following up with some sort of higher education (including vocational school, trade school, community colleges, …

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The Reasons to Attend College

I think in today’s society when people are asked what the value. Of a college education is, they may tend to think in terms of dollars and cents. But I believe there is much more to it than just the financial aspect. I believe college …

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An Argument Against Claims Why Some People Shouldn’t Go to College

In America’s high school education system, it is taught that all students should go on to continue their education. In Staphani Owen and Isabel Sawhill’s essay “Should Everyone Go to College” they make compelling arguments why some people should not attend college, for example they …

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The Benefits of Completing College at Any Age of Life

One thing that most people know is that furthering one’s education is highly important in life. A college degree can dictate a lot of things such as income, job position, or even fulfilling a passion. Times have greatly changed since being able to do so …

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The Controversial Issue of the Value and Relevance of College Education in the Modern World

In the modern world, the value and the relevance of college education is a controversial issue. People hold varied views on this issue: some people are of the view that college education is the only mean to succeed in life and to achieve one’s goals …

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College Education is More Than Just a Job Training in the Future

While job training in college provides realistic choices for well-paying careers, there is far greater importance to a college education than just earning a living in the field of study. College is a life experience that transcends education and good grades. College is also a …

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Parents and Educators Should Steadily Motivate High School Students to Go to College

In high school, students come face to face with the decision of whether or not they want to go to college. From one standpoint, parents, students, and teachers believe high schoolers do not receive enough pressure to go to college because students lack motivation. Nevertheless, …

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The Role of College in Attaining Success in Life

American society is concern about the existence of importance of college in people’s life. Now-a-days children start earning when they are in high-school. Due to that reason, they are less concern about joining a college or a university. Only the kids who have a specific, …

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What is the Point of Going to College?

We have all been there, it is your Senior year of high school, and all anybody is talking about is where they are going to go for their post-secondary education, otherwise known as… college. But you may ask, “What is the point of going”? This …

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A Look at the Reasons People Go to College

After high school, a whole new world opens up to a person, with many opportunities and places one can go. About 15.6 million people enroll in an undergraduate program, which can be any degree containing a requirement of two to four years of schooling. Not …

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