Staffing to meet changing business demands

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Suitably qualified staff may be recruited or trained within the organisation to have the right level of skills when they first join the business. At XMA computers, they need to have enough staff to meet demand but not too many as they would be wasting money on their wages. They also need to pay for staff training and sick pay. During the holidays, such as Christmas, XMA need to hire more staff as retailers will want to buy more products for the sale season.

Coordination of team resources to meet targets As well as making sure that individual employees are managed within the organisation, it is essential that resources are used effectively within terms to meet company targets that are set. At XMA all employees need to work together to make the business successful. The people receiving and sending out calls need to have good teamwork skills to work with those who organise and dispatch the orders. This helps the business become successful in taking and delivering orders on time.

Read which event most likely explains renewed demand in a recovery period

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Monitoring of team performance Coordinating a team is likely to mean that a company knows what employees should be doing to work towards their targets; but it is also essential to monitor the team's performance to make sure that they are actually making progress.XMA need to keep track of employees' progress and they have many ways of doing this. They mainly do it through appraisals. An appraisal is a meeting between an employee and his/her line manager. During this meeting they talk about the employee's progress throughout their working time.

This review can be done in two different ways: Formal and Informal.

Liaison with other departments Large organisations may have hundreds of different teams working across the organisation and unless each is able to work with other departments and coordinate as a whole organisation there will be conflict or unsatisfactory performance. XMA need all their teams to work together so that the business is run smoothly without any problems. If the teams do not work together than the business may not be successful and details may be wrong. Also read about components of staffing

Establishment of professional culture Part of the management of human resources concerns teaching employees about how the business operates - its professional culture; for example the level of formality it uses and the way that managers and staff deal with each other. XMA need to teach all employees about the way their business operates. Many employees call fellow colleagues by their first name but in some companies they prefer to be addressed by a title e.g. Mr, Mrs., Dr. Provision of appropriate incentives

To manage human resources effectively managers may decide to use incentives to encourage employees to work harder or to produce work of a higher quality. At XMA, employees are given extra-pay if they can hit their daily phone targets or get higher. E.g. If an employee is given a target of 50 orders, and they get 70 orders, they may get and extra ½50 for their work.

Encouragement of creativity and initiative Businesses that are able to change quickly and can be adaptable to customer needs are more likely to be successful. XMA need to be able to do this in order to be the number 1 distributor company in the UK. As they also have a website, they have international orders which will get them more profit.

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