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EMGT N441: Human Resource and Relation Management Scenario: This task requires you to work in teams of three or four students to prepare a report and then deliver a 15- 20 minute presentation to your teacher and your peers. Due date: Week 8 Assessment weighting: 20% (50 marks for the group report and 50 marks for the presentation) Guidelines: 1. With reference to the HRM topics discussed in weeks four, five and six in your EMGT N441 class, choose any one of the HRM topics. Analyze the selected topic with reference to the UAE. Submit a group report including the following requested information.

A. A general overview of the topic chosen by your group. B. Critical evaluation of the topic you have chosen. Your evaluation of the importance of the topic in the UAE business environment. C. State what you think are 3 current HRM challenges for the UAE with reference to the selected topic. D. Provide at least 3 academic references and 2 industry examples to show that you have applied your academic knowledge to industry. E. Give 3 detailed recommendations for improvement (remember to provide supporting evidence). The report should be in the range of 2000 to 2500 words. . The report then should also be converted into a power point presentation. The presentation requires between 6 and 8 PowerPoint slides. Each of your group members will be required to equally participate in the presentation of 15 to 20 minutes duration. 3. At the end of the presentation the audience/teacher will ask the presentation team 3 questions. Please be confident of your subject material and be prepared to justify any statements that you made in your presentation. Follow the attached marking scheme to complete all sections of the report and the presentation.

Key to grading criteria Late Assessment Guidelines Guidelines for Late Submission of Coursework Assessments Preamble Due dates for submission of all college-based coursework assessments are set on the portal and confirmed in class a week before the due date. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure s/he submits the assignment to the class teacher at the stated time. Policy In the absence of extenuating circumstances, a student who does not submit a course-work assessment on the due date will receive a zero grade for that assignment.

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If extenuating circumstances apply, the student has to submit valid documentation to the Department Chair within seven days of the missed assessment. Procedure 1. Students who miss (or expect to miss) the due date for a coursework assessment due to extenuating circumstances must meet the Department Chair (or AF) to submit the relevant documentation (application form and document detailing the reason for the late submission). 2. The Chair will decide if extenuating circumstances apply and may give permission for a late submission of the assessment. This date is not negotiable. 3.

Students who have no acceptable explanation for submitting late will receive a grade of zero. Missed Assessment Guidelines Preamble Dates for all in- class and system wide assessments are set on the portal and confirmed in class a week before the assessment. Other than illness or unforeseen emergency, there should be no reason for a student to miss an in class assessment or turn up late. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure s/he arrives in good time for an assessment on the correct day. Policy: In the absence of extenuating circumstances, a student who misses an in-class timed assessment (test) will receive a mark of zero.

In exceptional circumstances, approval to take a missed assessment at another time may be given by the Program Chair. Where a student disagrees with the Chair’s decision they have the right of final appeal to the Director through the Dean. Procedure: There are no college-wide procedures. Each instance will be dealt with on a case by case basis by the individual Chair of the department. In the Business department, approved students to take missed assessments must inquire about the calendar for make-up assessments. Failure to appear on the rescheduled day will result in a new missed assessment process.

Academic Honesty Cheating is an attempt to gain grades dishonestly. It is important that you read page 10 of the Students Handbook, paying attention to the Definition of Cheating as well as the practical examples. Plagiarism is copying and the presentation of someone’s work as your own. This could be from another student’s assignment/projects, books or the Internet. This can be either intentional or unintentional (did not know it was necessary to reference material used in essays or written assignment). Plagiarism is also considered as a form of cheating and the penalty for cheating is outlined in student Handbook. Any student found guilty of cheating will be dismissed by the Vice Chancellor on the recommendation of the College Director. A record of this shall be entered in the student’s official record and transcript”. You will be requested to read and sign the Academic Honesty policy document. When you sign this you will be confirming that you understand the policy and the consequences of breaching it. Further information on HCT policies and procedures can be found in your HCT catalogue or on the web catalogue at: http://www. ct. ac. ae/publications_and_reports/aspx/student_handbook. aspx Referencing Guidelines Sharjah HCT business courses use both APA and MLA referencing style depending on the program level. Information on referencing can be found on the Referencing page of the Sharjah Colleges ILC Website: http://shct. hct. ac. ae/sites/library_site/referencing. html This page provides links to  the Sharjah Colleges APA and MLA referencing and style guides and to NoodleTools, a web-based service for storing and formatting references.

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