My Critique of The Five People You Meet in Heaven and The Five People You Meet in Heaven

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The book starts off with the death of Eddie. Eddie was an average man. He was the Head Maintenance Engineer at an amusement park, Ruby Pier. He dies in a semi-heroic attempt to save a little girl, as an amusement ride plummets hundreds of feet down to where the girl is standing. Eddie, who has a bad knee wounded from the Vietnam War, makes a last- ditch effort to save the girl. The last thing Eddie feels is a pair of hands. He awakens to see himself back at same location, but in a different time, in the 1920's. Eddie is a child again.

Eddie meets his first person, the first step to getting to heaven. The person is the Blue Man, a sideshow attraction. Eddie finds out that he was responsible for this man's death, even though he was only a child at the time. The second person is Eddie's commanding officer from Vietnam. Eddie's third, is a lady he had never known. The lady's name was Ruby. The fourth person Eddie meets is his wife, who died when she was forty-seven years old. The fifth was a small Asian child.

When Eddie was in Vietnam, he was captured, and was held as a P.O.W. Eddie and his unit was forced to do various tasks, like gathering coal to help the enemy's war efforts. He endured six years of this strenuous labor. One day, he decided that he had enough. They escaped that day, and torched the whole camp to the ground. Among the casualties were four guards, and the little girl. It was not intentional, and Eddie never realized he had killed a little girl until he met her in heaven. Eddie met this girl unexpectedly. Now Eddie waits for a little girl to meet him, the girl that he lost his life trying to save.

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In my opinion. The Five People You Meet in Heaven is a noteworthy book overall. It was a disappointment to me when I learned that the book is fiction. It also left some unanswered questions. It was a quick read overall, and I believe it is a good book for most ages. I would recommend this book for anyone who needs a quick read but doesn't want a boring book. I read this book in roughly five to six hours.

Have you ever contemplated the meaning of life? Where did you come from? Where are you going? Why are you here? Is it destiny or coincidence? Or have you thought about why is life a terminal disease? Why does everyone have to die? What's heaven like? What's hell like? If you read the book, "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" by Mitch Albom, you will understand everything!

The story begins with the main character's last 50 minutes on earth. How interesting is that! Eddie dies while trying to save a girl from a falling cart. He wakes in heaven, he meets five people, some he knew, some are strangers to him. Each of them explained the why's and how's of Eddie's life and taught him a lesson.

I think this novel is a great success. Although most of the story takes place in heaven, the main character is a human. His actions and decisions are very logic and realistic. He has worries, fears, faults and emotional moments, which all prove that he's very real. The story evolves in a way that you always want to know what happens next to Eddie. And I think Eddie is worth remembering, he always gives me impressions of kindness, innocence, and righteousness. So, the book passed the test of character. Usually when people think of heaven, it is always a paradise like garden, where you float on clouds, laze on a river, but this book approaches the subject by introducing a heaven where you meet five people and have your life explained. I think it is very creative and it just immediately grabs your attention and captures your curiosity. So, it also pasts the test of theme.

I enjoyed every bit of this book. I'd say it's my favorite book so far. It has easy vocabulary, the subject of heaven and meanings of life deals with everybody, I mean eventually we die, and who's never thought about it. So, it definitely is suitable for all ages. This book greatly impacted my value system. It taught me that I should cherish and enjoy every moment of my life, and especially be optimistic, because death is just a start of another form of life. I definitely had a great pleasure reading it, although I read it after I had my wisdom teeth surgery, my gums were bleeding and painful, my cheek was swelling like a balloon, but I still had a great time reading this book. So I recommend this book to all of you, because whenever you read it, you'll always get something new out of it, and it'll lift you up to a new level.

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