Keeping up with the changing demands of society

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Education is defined as a procedure of instruction, preparation and acquisition, to develop accomplishments and better cognition, particularly in schools ( Oxford, 2010 ) . Since the morning of human civilisation, countless minds have made efforts to reply one peculiar inquiry - `` What precisely are the intents of instruction? '' Overtime, it became evident to 'Homo Sapiens ' that if these intents are non defined, so instruction would hold no existent importance or significance in society. Some intents of instruction do non alter harmonizing to clip, while others do. However, the root intent of instruction remains unchanged -keeping up with the ever-changing demands of society.

Education has the fixed maps of consolidative and perpetuating a society ; it besides has the dynamic intents of doing feasible the changeless reclamation and growing of the establishments and civilization of a society. The modern kid goes undergoes instruction in order to larn some accomplishments that keep society operation ( Universal, 1970 ) . When these demands of the society are met, people would get down to acknowledge the values of instruction, doing it an plus for farther promotion. Hence, instruction, preparation and larning becomes an of import procedure in a individual 's life as he integrates into society.

After the root intent of instruction has been identified, the other 'sub-purposes ' like the development of personal mind and moral character, economic promotion and political facets comes into the image ( Kang, 2006 ) . In the modern epoch, the society is get downing to pay more attending to these 'sub-purposes ' as the root intent is already being considered as common cognition.

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Purpose of Education: Civics & A ; Moral Development of Society

Commenting on the importance of moral and municipal intrinsic worth in instruction, Confucius said, 'To love benevolence, inventiveness, trustiness in word, candor, bravery and stiff strength, without first loving acquisition is apt to take to stupidity, divergence from the right way, destructive behaviour, dogmatism, insubordination and indiscipline severally ' ( Analectss, 17.8 ) .

Contrary to popular beliefs, instruction is more than merely about the apprehension of constructs taught by pedagogues or geting superior accomplishments needed to progress in a knowledge-based society. PM Lee one time said there are things, other than classs that we can accomplish in school ( Lee, 2004 ) . A holistic instruction, in both academic and non-academic facets, is of import in continuing Singapore 's society. Ideally, Moral Education should leave values such as staying Torahs and ordinances ; a sense of societal duty ; regard for others, their rights and dignity ; patience and chumminess, among many others. ( Rwantabagu, 2010 ) . It is about educating the pupils about the 'proper ' , 'correct ' and socially accepted behaviour before they become fully fledged grownups - it is a procedure of dragging pupils out of their 'frog-in-the well ' outlook ; they are deriving exposure, wisdom and life experiences - with the usage of Civics & A ; Moral Education ( CME ) .

Figure 1

Beginning: Ministry of Education ( MOE ) , 2007

Based on Figure 1, Singapore 's Civics & A ; Moral Education ( CME ) aims at the development of sets of values, whereby, pupils are expected to be able to separate between 'right ' and 'wrong ' , genuinely understand the significance and deductions on why a certain action is incorrect or right and do morally wise determinations ; and are responsible for their ain actions. The planning of the CME Curriculum is designed to provide to a globalized Singapore where a knowledge-based economic system is on the rise.

However, despite MOE 's efforts to make a 'flawless ' CME, the responses received had been far from promoting. Students tend to pay less attending to Moral Education for two chief grounds - they are forced to take the 'subject ' and it will non impact their overall classs. Form coachs normally rush through the CME lessons and utilize the staying clip to discourse constructs for their ain lessons ( experienced by the author ) and CME Classs are normally less piquant - discoursing some moral values from books or through worksheets. If the current CME course of study continues, pupils will merely cover with jobs consistently, in conformity to values discussed in categories ; without genuinely understanding the principle behind the believing procedure involved before determination devising and perpetrating the existent action.

CME 's defects are caused by two factors. Teachers are non equipped with the necessary accomplishments and resources to carry on prosecuting CME categories, ensuing in pupil 's deficiency of involvement. Furthermore, there is besides non adequate emphasize is being placed on CME - merely one or two lessons per hebdomad. Both pupils and instructors have to recognize that a bookman with no moral values is a autocrat in doing

Teachers themselves have to see the importance of moral instruction in order to learn the 'subject ' with passion and cultivate pupils ' personal character. Harmonizing to the Self-determination theory ( SDT ) of human motive and personality ( Deci & A ; Ryan, 2002 ) , if all three human demands for independency, competency and relatedness are fulfilled, one will see optimum personal growing and operation ( Wang, 2008 ) . Educators should use this theory to progress pupils ' cognitive development and understand how motive can be instilled in them. In order to better the state of affairs, instructors and pupils can besides supply constructive feedback to MOE 's course of study planning commission in order to propose prosecuting ways for pupils to cultivate good moral values while holding merriment. Schools can besides join forces with parents in pupils ' CME by promoting continual cultivation of moral values outside course of study hours with the supervising and counsel from several parents. Mutual partnership between society, schools ( particularly pupils and instructors ) and households should be the way that CME should be heading towards. A society enriched with good moral values will so put a strong foundation for economic promotion chances.

Purpose: Economic Promotion of Society through Education

Mankind took about 1750 old ages from the beginning of civilisation to duplicate the technological cognition. By 1900, this is 150 old ages subsequently, technological cognition doubled yet once more. It took half a century ( 1900 - 1950 ) for the following doubling ; the following doubling in a decennary ( 1950 - 1960 ) and today, adult male 's cognition of the Universe has quadrupled during each of the past three decennaries ( Sundararajan, 1995 ) . The turning point of this technological betterment in humanity is the find of the watercourse use which brought about the Industrial Revolution.

Without technological cognition being discovered and built originally through instruction ( as most of the research workers and discoverers are educated by some signifier of formal instruction ) , society will non be able to progress economically at the same astonishing rate that society has been sing. In add-on, the ancient political orientation of comparing extremely educated people as holding a bright hereafter still remains in modern society. Figures 2.1 and 2.2 ( shown below ) relate instruction degree, employment and income degree in America. Both figures show a similar tendency that as a individual progresss in his educational degree, his corresponding income additions and his employment chance additions. Predictably, the state of affairs in Singapore is no exclusion.

Fig 2.1

Note: Datas are based on 2009 one-year norms for individuals age 25 and above and wages are for full-time United States employees. Taken from: hypertext transfer protocol: //

Fig 2.2

( Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: // and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, United States )

Professor Neo Boon Siong, ( former Director of the Asia Competitiveness Institute at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy in NUS ) explained that the chief societal policy is to make occupations. Employment is associated with instruction as higher instruction enables anyone, non sing his present state of affairs to travel up within society ( Sonny, 2009 ) .

Singapore 's establishments teach and train their pupils with cardinal accomplishments like authorship, reading and speech production in at least two known linguistic communication. Content cognition in the assorted subjects ( from History to Economics ) can be acquired by the pupils as a manner to construct up facts and information in their head. As one advancement further up in the instruction ladder, they will likely be taught a repertory of advanced accomplishments such as, analysis, appraisal and application of cognition and effectual societal communicating. Students are besides being developed morally. Hence, pupils will be literate and equipped with the necessary 'life-skills ' accomplishments, moral values and indispensable cognition in their readying for their eventual entryway into society. As a consequence, they will be expected to understand the bing jobs in his society and seek to come up with amicable solutions ; by make usage of his 'text-book ' cognition and use them in world. As engineering progresss in Singapore, more foreign investors would construct their concern units in the state, taking to more employment which would take to a better quality of life. Due to global-shift, Singapore have been undergoing 'postindustrial passage ' , switching the industries towards the Tertiary, 'more specialized ' quaternate and 'highly specialized & amp ; advanced ' quinary sectors. These sectors normally require an educated work force which is capable of supplying services, affecting specialized cognition, proficient accomplishments, communicating, or administrative competency ( Fellmann, 2010 ) . The presence of skilled and gifted workers with diverse abilities plays a critical function in impeling Singapore 's quest in get the better ofing the challenges of a knowledge-based economic system. This amplifies the importance of instruction and its intent in the economic advancement of Singapore.

Although Singapore is a `` First universe oasis in a Third universe part '' ( Kluver & A ; Weber, 2003 ) , its work force should ne'er halt acquisition. Dr. Goh Keng Swee famously declared that Singapore will die if there is no economic growing. Students should be informed about the economic effects on Singapore if cognition remains dead and this outlook should be strongly emphasized in the instruction system.

As such, the Ministry of Education ( Singapore ) implemented educational attacks like `` Teach Less, Learn More '' ( TLLM ) in order to develop pupils with a holistic instruction, developing them in an advanced manner and fiting them with of import accomplishments to last in a globalized universe ( Tan, 2007 ) . In a cognition economic system, 'Ability Driven Education ' purposes to fit and fix scholars to get the better of the challenges, by taking into history their single accomplishments and endowments, and develop their potencies [ Charlene Tan, 2005, 6 ( 4 ) , 446-453 ) ] . Creativity and invention are chief fuels of a knowledge-based economic system ; hence Singapore pupils are expected to make fresh cognition from the 1s that they have already learnt ( Ng Eng Hen, 2002 ) . Based on the TLLM attack, instructors began to learn lesser content cognition and pupils are expected to research and 'discover ' certain cognition through their ain research.

However, being exam-orientated, most parents, pupils and instructors believe that hiting good classs is needed to progress further in instruction advancement and finally stand out in society - which means that a 'paper pursuit ' for academic acknowledgment in society is inevitable. It resulted in most pupils being provided with tuition in order to reenforce their acquisition.

Harmonizing to the Singapore Department of Statistics, approximately $ 820 million were spent on private tuition in 2008, up from $ 470 million spent in 1998 ( HARSHA, 2010 ) . During the one-year major exam period ( from Sep - November ) schools runing from Primary to the Junior Colleges offer excess 'after school ' Sessionss - audiences, dark survey with instructors and 'mock ' scrutiny paper for its pupils ( Jane & A ; Leow, 2010 ) .

Presently, TLLM failed in accomplishing its chief end of developing a creative and believing coevals of pupils. In other words, the instruction policies are seen as 'killing ' alternatively of developing a pupil 's creativeness as they still rely on tuition ( a pattern of spoon-feeding of cognition by coachs ) alternatively of making their ain research. Teachers continue to give tuitions on a frequent footing as they fear that pupils may non be able to get by with their progressively demanding course of study. Furthermore, pupils have to accommodate good analyzing wonts. It is besides non executable for pupils to analyze hard merely when the major scrutinies are nearing or what the Chinese say, 'Hugging the Buddha 's leg at the 11th hr '' . Students must be invariably fixing and upgrading themselves manner before the scrutinies ; they will be able to better develop echt involvement in the assorted Fieldss of surveies and the coveted result of 'life-long ' acquisition can be achieved even after the pupil 's graduation.

In readying for a knowledge-based economic system, pupils and instructors must construe the intent of TLLM in a similar and right way. Singapore instructors should presume a greater function and duty than of all time before and they themselves have to invariably upgrade themselves with new accomplishments and to be receptive to new cognition. Besides that, instructors have to take enterprise to construct a sure bond with pupils and utilize their pedagogical accomplishments in educating the different groups of pupils ; prosecuting them in their acquisition journey and developing pupils ' ego involvement for farther pursue of cognition. Self-reflection by pupils and instructors can help in holding a more constructive course of study, guaranting that larning and learning aims are met.

The society has to back up and ease the development of instructors and pupils - by supplying financess for certain school undertakings like assorted instruction position classs catered for instructors and pupils in order to promote their chances in TLLM. Ultimately, it is non merely a simple affair of instruction 's economic impacts, but besides of animating assurance in pupils, parents, and teachers-society-that the educational attack has begun to map ( STEFANOS, 1981 ) .


In a knowledge-based economic system, every bit of import rational, moral, physical and societal facets of one 's full potency can be achieved ( Chen, 2000 ) . Singapore 's instruction system must be designed to guarantee pupils inquiry, warrant their personal actions and ground out why jurisprudence is enforced in society. Students should be given informed pick in accommodating good behaviours ; non simply following the civilization passed down from old coevals. Knowledge will go on to be accumulated, and this will decidedly take to society 's dynamic alterations in way.

Society should ne'er stay dead because the hereafter is ever surrounded by uncertainnesss. As society continues to germinate, the educational intents must invariably be revamped in order to maintain up with the increasing demands of its milieus and remain relevant to society in the twenty-first century and beyond.

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