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There's Something Missing We communicate with family and friends on Facebook, Myspace, and follow people on Twitter, email, texting, but we never stop to think that there is something that is just not there. Social Networking has become our main source of communication. What ever happened to picking up the phone or going over to your loved one's homes to ask them a question? Instead we send them a message via a social network and wait for a response. We have the ability to see what is going on in the lives of people we would never really talk to face-to-face.

Why should it matter what they are doing and why, above all, are we so addicted to it? You may have 1000 friends on Facebook, but how many of those friends would be there for you if you really needed them? It is a lot to think about, especially since social networking rapidly evolved. So what is missing? The sound of the voice, facial expressions, hand gestures, are all things that we use to set the mood of the conversation. Why does any of this even matter? Why Does it Matter?

Why does it even matter if you can't hear a persons voice, see the expressions on their face, or see any hand gestures that may be going on, when you are having a conversation with them? One word, confusion. When you conmmunicate through a social network you are not really connected ot dedicated to the conversation you are in. You can't give off any emotion to the other person. Misunderstandings and arguments can easily arise this way. For example, someone in the family passes away. You get a message on Myspace informing you. You send a message back and say I am so sad.

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You get a message back saying it doesn't seem like you are that sad, while you are posting pictures on your profile. Of course to get your message across you could have said, with a tear in my eye, I will never forget that family member, I loved them so much, now sobbing, but not everyone writes like that. Even if they did, the visual effect would give off a more comfortable feeling. You can't really let anyone know that you are truely there for them if you are not face-to-face. What if someone just needs a hug after a long sentimental conversation? You wouldn't be there to do that.

Social networking can be good but we don't need to forget our values that we grew up with, and we don't need to forget to pass them on to our children. How can we Increase Face-to-Face Time? Social Networking can become an addiction. It can be a good source for information or sending mass messages or even keeping in contact, on a regular basis, with people who live far away. Social Networking does take away from interacting with others. Some people like that and it's why they do it. Some people don't like to be face-to-face with others, especially when it isn't the best of times to talk to someone.

We should all try to increase our face-to-face time though. Put the phone or computer down and go out for lunch with friends and family and talk about your lives. Doing this keeps your social life active and lets others know you care enough to give them more than a message. When something important happens speak to someone face-to-face. It will make you feel better faster and you will realize that it will help to see emotion on someone face once in a while. Don't completely cut your real social life out and remember to pass that n to your children and this world gets more technology based everyday.

Remember what matters. Pick up a phone and call someone instead of texting them. What Do You Think? Any feedback? I would love to know if people agree or disagree with this. It is a big part of life and some people would agree and some are going to disagree. Feedback on a hub like this will show exactly what this is about. Try not to take any of this the wrong way and see how hard it actually is. Arguments are the worst way of communicating online or in text. You really don't know if the other person is upset or just stating an opinion. Don't let Social Networking substitute for your real social life

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