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Are Social Networking Sites Good for Our Society?

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Are social networking sites good for our society? Specific Purpose: In today’s lifestyle, it is admitted that Social Network Sites bring convenience, efficiency, fast, speed and width for adolescents' interpersonal relationship development, but some people don’t know It also brings many negative impacts that social networking sites. Central Idea: Social networking sites have a negative influence on children, teenagers and adults. This paper will demonstrate that social networking sites do cause more harm than good. Introduction:

A social networking site can be defined as an online service that is based around the building and reflecting of social relations among individuals with common interests or social ties. Social networking sites such as Face book, Friendster,Tribe. net, MySpace and Twitter all vary slightly, but the one main feature they have is that they enable users to create a profile within the website to represent themselves and allows users to interact through email, instant messaging and other integrated communication channels within the site.

The popularity and growth of social networking sites over the past five years has been colossal, as many people from all over the world join up to this social phenomenon for varied reasons. Today, there are more than 500 million active users on face book and users spend over 700 billion minutes per month on this social networking site (Facebook, 2012). As the technology of Web 2. 0 improves and advances, social networking sites have an even bigger impact on society and human relationships, both positive and negative.

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I’m going discuss the three main reasons why social networking sites bring many negative impacts pose on today’s media savvy generation. I. Identity theft. A. Identity theft has become a result of the rapid expansion. 1. Total of 810,000 Australians of personal fraud in or identity theft in 2008” (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2008). B. Sites such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter identity theft in two mains Ways. 1. The first being is that sites encourage you to “edit our profile”. Users share a variety of information about themselves on their Facebook profiles. 2. The second main issue is the privacy settings on these social networking sites also help personal fraud. II. The weakening of strong ties and isolation. A. The way we communicate with our peers and with strangers over the internet are changing. 1. Weakening our strong ties and also bring about physical social isolation

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Are Social Networking Sites Good for Our Society? essay

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Social networking sites have allowed easier communication between family and friends. Social networks allow for easier communication and allow people to make new friends. The pros of social networking sites. So in short, a social networking site has innumerable pros and cons. However, these sites allow pedophiles to groom kids and allow for

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WhatsAppQuick SnapshotStandout Features. Free international text, voice, and video messaging (video chat with up to 4 people). Final Word on WhatsApp. It’s easy to see why WhatsApp has become such a popular social networking app with small businesses.

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Yubo is a newer social networking platform that has the lofty goal of reinventing online friendships by creating a safe environment for everyone online. Yubo users can create a profile, add friends, and chat in groups or one-on-one. You can use the platform to live stream and both friends and potential friends can comment. #8. Peanut

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Social networks offer benefits, not just for us as individuals in the network, but for the community as a whole. As Christakis notes, they: Foster trust and reciprocity. Facilitate the flow of altruism and generosity. Contribute to lower crime rates. Promote better public health. Support reduced political corruption.

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