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Computers: Server and Social Media Sites

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Nowadays, computer may seem to be very useful because of its various advantages. But as Louis Gerstner quoted, “Computers are magnificent tools for the realization of our dreams, but no machine can replace the human spark of spirit, compassion, love, and understanding. ” Many people prefer computer because it is much easier and is more aesthetic to writing something and print it rather than using a pen. It also allows people to communicate; no matter what time it is because of the differing social media sites on the internet. Some of the people use it for research instead of reading books page by page.

In offices, it lessens all the paper works and the mess so that their work will be more efficient and organized. In schools, students usually refer to the internet about some research projects because it has a wide range of sources and information that can be gathered in the differing websites. Some of the students also access the internet for some topics in their lessons that they can barely understand. They also access the internet for encyclopedic references that certainly makes them ponder on efficiency of the use of computer for their research papers that the use of some textbooks.

Introducing computers to the new generation is a better way to prepare them for the more advance technologies in the near future. Computers are also in much use in the medical industry, it is very useful in radical diagnosis, patient monitoring, and general hospital administration. Computers have really made our life totally different, progressive and better nowadays than the life of the world on the past years. Computers may be very helpful because of its advancement; however, using computer has several disadvantages.

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For example, students nowadays are hooked up in internet cafes because of the differing online games that can be access only through the internet. This becomes the major cause why most of the students obtain low scores on exams and the worst result is to be failed in a subject. Being addicted to the computer and facing its monitor several hours a day can also result to some visual defects due to the radiation that is being released by the monitor as it is being used. Computers also are very prone to electronic generated viruses that can affect its performance and the viruses also can spread from on unit to another unit.

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