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Quality and fundable price

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In the actual project "Classroom Redecoration" required to redecorate an optional place to a conference room. In our classroom we were measured place and as a base use those measures in the project. In my research was figured expenses on flooring, wall painting, some internal decoration of the office. In two different shops ("B&Q" and "Carpet & Rug Centre"). I have chosen from three different variants of a covering of a floor "Bamfox Solid Bamboo Flooring Carbonized Colour 2.2Sqm". It is very good quality and the price is affordable for my budget. Its color matches the color of the walls in the conference room. I spend 1419.20 for the flooring. I have chosen Woodie's DIY for paint. The paint was expensive but the quality was good. I decided to buy two tins of paint (5L) for 48.99 each. This amount will be enough to twice coating the wall for the perfect result. I have spent on the paint  97.98. The conference table I have found on the Internet on the following website. I think the price of a table should correspond to quality. This is the conference table very comfortable and nice. I have spent for a table 1687.95.

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The twelve chairs I also found on the Internet. Website: hunt Total price 1163.88 I have found one picture and two plants In B; Q. These pictures will look good in the conference room and I think this kind of plant is suitable just for the office or a conference room. I have to spend on pictures 3.00 and for the plants (9.65+29.65) 9.30 In two various shops ("Harry Corry" and "Peggy Griffin Interiors"). I had blind or curtain. I have chosen a Vertical Blinds. It's expensive but very good quality. I spent 84.00 (including fitting) During the research in presented shops, the main suppliers of however in town were made spectrum of products and prices. I made the choice of few products with are in good quality and fundable prices. In every shop by lovely staff was introduced in presented materials for the flooring, painting, decoration, and furniture. They will by all means find the item you are looking for or offer something similar. They will also detailed answers to all your questions and quarries. Even on-line shops have their customer service section where you can give your opinions, concerns, and suggestions. Having 10000 in my budget I have only spent around 50% of this amount.

Quality and fundable price essay

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