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Essay about Feasibility Study

PRICE OF FURNITURE, FIXTURE AND EQUIPMENTS FURNITURE/FIXTURE/EQUIPMENTDESCRIPTIONPRICE (PER PIECE) Bench Trunk A wonderful seat for a child’s room, perfect for storage of toys or clothing.Height: 23″ Length: 23.5″ P 2,985.

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00 Wooden Bar Chair A very firm, sturdy high seat for any type of use. P2,690 Country Wood Chair Made of pinewood. Size 36″ height x 16. 5″ length x 15 5/8″ widthP1,650 Mirror Classic design in walnut finish. Durable and versatile. Size 22. 5″ height x 17 3/8″ length x 4. 25″ width P1,598 Mirror WindowClassic design in walnut finish.

Durable and versatile. Shelf can be utilized for plants or other items. P3998 CupboardSturdy yet delicate-looking, this cupboard is a must for every country home. Size 32. 25″h (from top to table top) x 41″height (from table top to bottom) x 15. 5″width x 45. 25″lengthP9900 Pinewood BookshelfA classic and functional style appropriate for any type of home or office. Natural walnut finish blends with any other existing furniture. Height: 75″ x Length 25. 75″ x 12 Width”P3,500 Wire Tile Candleholder Size 8. 5″ high x 12. 5″ x 3. 25″.

P398 Waste Wonder Metal frame is foldable for easy storage & portability. Canvas cover is washable. Plastic/ Paper/ Metal holds trash bags for easy disposal. Size 19″ x 18. 25″ x 13. 25″P799 4-Tile Mediterranean Coffee TableWith that classic look that couples with functionality. Size 17″ height x 19″ length x 4″ widthP3,000 Two Drawer Side TableA storage area and space-saver in one piece. Fits any type of interior or room. Natural wood finish. Serves as a lamp stand or accent piece. Size 23. 5″ height x 21″ length x 16. 5″ widthP2655

Knives Made of high carbon stainless steel P500 Spoons Slotted spoon, wooden spoons, sturdy metal spoons, Soup ladleP280 Pots and pansSaucepans with covers, skillet with covers, non-stick skillet, Roasting pan P3500 Queen sized bed narra woodCleopatra designP22, 800 Dora wooden post bed frameP3, 700 Lumina upright vacuum cleanermulti cyclonic 2,000watts 220 volts baglessP1, 500 Kitchen sinkDimensions: 462 x 360 x 187mm. P5, 000 Kitchen stovePower: 1000W + 1500W Dia. 15. 5 cm + 18. 5cm On/Off indicator light White / gray / black… P7,750

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