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Where Value Rests: In Price And In Deed

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The Impetus We signed up a month ago a singing group, ECHO JAM, for our school’s activities next month. The cost of the contract has been the basis of and has set the price of the tickets we have been selling. But Echo Jam has just been awarded this week with a Platinum recognition for their latest CD released a month ago. They have become more popular and valuable because of such achievement.

We are anxious about the possibility that our students might bank on this surge in the popularity of Echo Jam and they re-sell their tickets at a higher price. The Activity Guideline The student activities committee has already drawn up its guideline for this concert activity. We have priced the ticket in accordance to the costs involved in this activity, plus a little extra for the fund raising objective of this activity. The student council is hoping to augment the logistics of the drama theater club to help them compete in a state competition.

The costs incurred for this event are: the contract talent fee of Echo Jam; the additional chairs and sound equipment rented for the event; the printing cost of tickets, posters, flyers and banners; the decorations to be used during the concert; and other incidental administrative costs. The Potential For Abuse And Its Effect It is going to be sad if the newfound surge of success and popularity of Echo Jam and the chance that they were contracted to perform for the school activity – will be subjected to abuse.

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It is the position of the student activities committee to immediately look into ways and means to avoid the scalping of the tickets for this concert. It is not only illegal, but immoral to take advantage of situations such as this. Scalping tickets can bring about a lot suspicion and mistrust on the objectives, the purpose, the mechanism, the principle of this student activity. The entire school authority and the student council will be subjected to criticism and ridicule for allowing abuse and illicit activity to transpire in this ideal event.

Scalping tickets is a hustling activity. The greed and usurping characteristics of people that can infiltrate the students will do a lot of harm to the psyche of the students. Even assuming that an organized group has a seeming well intention of allowing the student committee and/or the school to earn more money for this event to help its objective of innovating on the logistics of the drama theater – still, the end does not justify the means. It does not abide well with the illustration of where true value rests.

The Equation Of Value The Echo Jam concert has a clear cut objective. It is a student activity with the inner purpose of creating camaraderie, wholesome fun whilst the students have just completed their final exams. The student activities committee contracted them because their talent is commendable. The true value of their contract talent fee is a sure indication of the benefit and rewards that viewers or an audience will be delighted with during their performance.

Their attaining their success and popularity is something they worked hard for and it is for their own merit and advantage and business and concern to realize the value of their achievements. Proponents like the school’s activities committee is only concerned with the objective of the exercise: which is, the concert. It is not the business of the school activities committee or the school or the student to make money out of the value of the achievements of Echo Jam.

The school and its committee and its students are not commercial entities that will consider achieving greed in profit because Echo Jam is a “good catch”. The students will therefore be advised against the possibility of scalping their tickets. They will be also warned that penalties and sanctions will be imposed if they indulge in such undesirable activity as it is tantamount to misdemeanor.

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