Placing candidates into management vacancies

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"We have exhibited with Career Forums in London and across the UK and Ireland, and have always been successful in placing candidates into management vacancies as a direct result. We have been delighted with the calibre of candidates attending the events and Career Forums is now an essential part of our recruitment strategy. " Caroline (2009), HR Manager, Superdrug Stores plc Superdrug is one of the fastest growing health and beauty retailer in the UK, which is offering great value on the high street.

In June, Superdrug opened it's first-ever Oxford Street store in the heart of London's West End (Superdrug, 2009). Superdrug Plc branch in Oxford Circus is one of the busiest branches of Superdrug in United Kingdom (Superdrug, 2009). Health and beauty products if the core business products of this business, but apart from that this store also sells both prescribed drugs and some other very common non-prescribed drugs. Apart from that, there is a in-store lab where customers can developed photographs.

Like all other Superdrug branch, this branch also recruits and select employees through the Human Resources Department of Superdrug Plc Head Office (Rajni, 2009). The purpose of the research is to do the critical evaluation of Selection and Recruitment procedures of Superdrug Plc in order to meet the human resources need of Superdrug Plc, Oxford Street Branch. Today's Superdrug Plc had very different name in the year 1964 when it was founded. On that time, this organization was known as 'Leading Supermarket Limited'.

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Two brothers known as Goldstein brother formed this business (Superdrug, 2009). Both of them were well- known person on that time for their high experience in retail business (Superdrug, 2009). In the year 1966 'Leading Supermarket Limited' changes its name to Superdrug Plc Limited officially. The year 1966 is remarkable in the history of Superdrug Plc Limited for another reason as well, as this year the company formed its first store in London which is still located in Putney. At present, Superdrug Plc has around nine hundred stores.

The stores are located not only in United Kingdom, but also in Norther Ireland and Scotland (Superdrug, 2009). It is considered second largest and famous high street health and beauty shop in United Kingdom (Caroline, 2009). Day by day, the operations of Superdrug Plc are increasing and recently they have opened stores in Republic of Ireland. Superdrug Plc branch in Oxford Circus is one of the busiest branches of Superdrug in United Kingdom (Superdrug, 2009). This store Stocks a wide range of prescription and over-the-counter drugs as well as health and beauty products.

This store also develops photographs at in-store labs. One of the most important jobs of HR management of Superdrug Plc, Oxford Street Branch is recruiting and selecting new employees. It wont be possible for Superdrug Plc to operate their business successfully and to provide excellent service to customer if they cant recruit a good workforce. (Altenburg, 2009). With the proper recruitment and selection techniques, Superdrug Plc, Oxford Street Branch would able to meet not only on branch demand of human resource, but also the standard of the brand of Superdrug Plc.

Every year Superdrug Plc, Oxford Street branch recruit people for several positions such as sales assistant, store manager, assistant manager, team leader, warehouse operative, accuracy technician, apprenticeships (Fuller, 2005). Superdrug Plc Oxford Street Branch needs people to cover changing job roles within the business, to fill the vacancies created by resignation, retirement or dismissal and for internal promotion. Recruitment and Selection process are two most important processes of Human Resource Department of any organization.

Regardless of size and financial position, every organization needs to go through those two important processes. Moreover, apart from the products of an organization, employees are the second most important representative of the goodwill of an organization. Successful recruitment and selection procedures bring effective and efficient employees for a company. Cherrington (1995) defines recruiting as the process of attracting potential job applicants from the available labour force.

Every organization must be able to attract a sufficient number of job candidates who have the abilities and aptitude s that will help the organization to achieve its objectives. According to Brewster et al (2000), the ultimate goal of an organisation striving towards obtaining and retaining a sustained competitive advantage is to have a workforce that possesses a unique knowledge base. Munetsi (1998) believes that recruitment policy must take into account the corporate philosophy, organizational mission, strengths, and weaknesses of the company.

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