Age discrimination as a barrier to hiring experienced candidates

Last Updated: 31 Mar 2023
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The third reason can be her age. Many people prefer to hire younger candidates and hence, age discrimination also plays a vital role in this regard as she has over 20 years of experience. Age discrimination is done because experienced people often demand higher pay (which is fair) due to their experience in the field and naive minds may also believe in hiring “young people” due to their energy level and looks irrespective of their experience (Pasternak & Greenberg, 1998).

A common sense that can be utilized for another reason why the coworker is not willing to hire this lady for the marketing manager position might be because there is a possibility that she is spying from the competitor company. We have three discrimination issues and an another ethical issue at hand which is why my coworker is reluctant to hire the lady whom I believe to be fit for the company for the post of marketing manager. There are laws that protect the worker’s interest against discrimination such as Sex Discrimination Act, 1975 that protects against gender discrimination.

Ethical issues depend on the business’s working ethics and therefore, my coworker should know that it is completely unethical for him not to hire her only because she worked for a competitor. In fact, we should see how she can be an asset to our firm as she can provide a better insight on improvement based on her experience from the our competitor. To my coworker, I’d say that it is completely illegal not to hire qualified personnel based on any kind of discrimination and is against our corporate ethics as well.

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Such discrimination is the reason why we face so many law suits and lose a lot of company money which in turn affects us. It is also unethical to point on someone’s characteristics or previous experience work unless we have a proof against anyone. Therefore, she being qualified and experienced, she would be an asset to our company and it would be wise to deal with her in a positive professional way rather than taking our work in a personal manner.

Professional decisions should not be influenced by personal perspectives and therefore, our intellectuals should be utilized in every way to bring the best to our company. Hence, in my perspective, I believe that she is the best candidate we have had so far and would fit right in the position we are offering her.


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