Aviation Management College’s Copyright Policy and the Importance of Logistics and Warehouse Management in Flight Operation Management

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Lecturer's Comment: 3/3 4 Overall own paragraph structure and logical flow (not cut and paste) 5 Overall grammar and sentence structures 6/6 Lecturers overall comment: 15/15 / 15 All material contained within the thesis, including without limitation text, logos, icons, photographs and all other artwork, is copyright material of Aviation Management College unless otherwise stated. Use may be made of any material contained within the thesis for non-commercial purposes from the copyright holder.

Commercial use of material may only be made with the express, prior, written permission of Aviation Management College. Copyright @ Aviation Management College Abstract of thesis presented to the Panel of Aviation Management College In lifetime of the requirement for the Diploma in Flight Operation Management Abstract Aviation Management College Diploma in Flight Operation Management The movement of materials and goods between point of origin and point of use involves storage, transportation, and handling. This is where logistics and warehouse management plays a critical role.

The crux Of logistics and warehousing is getting the right goods to the right place at the right time. From production to distribution, manufacturers often have a plant with raw materials on hand and a warehouse nearby where additional materials can e kept. Some manufacturers have central warehouses that feed smaller local warehouses to optimize distribution routes in major markets. Inaccurate information regarding quantities, storage locations, pricing and identification remain the biggest problem in logistics and warehouse management.

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These inaccuracies may arise from order adjustments, human handling, long processing procedures, miscalculations, lack of automation, or poor management systems. In addition to these problems, businesses have to be concerned with the flow of products and information both within the equines and in the wider supply chain. In order to make products available for end consumers, businesses must manage their logistics and warehousing in terms of product movement and demand management. They need to know what is selling in the stores in order to both anticipate and respond to changes in demand.

Acknowledgements Salaam Shatter and Salaam 1 Malaysia, Compliments to all and sundry, I am very delighted to utter that I have successfully accomplished my assignment with no uncertainties and postponement. During implementing my task, faced some problems but Andre to explain it everything appropriately and intelligently. First of all, I would like to address my big thanks to my lecturer, Madam Maria for choosing me this theme. Without her guidance, might fail to produce my assignment on time. She supported me from the very beginning to generate a good and best result.

In addition, would like to express a million thanks to the Director Of Aviation Management College, Captain ABA. Amman Manson for giving me this golden prospect to produce my very own assignment based on my critical thinking skills and knowledge that have gained throughout my years here in Aviation Management College. Last but not least, thank you to all my fellow friends that bond around with me throughout the whole completion of my project paper 1. They guided me by giving, advising, sharing and also exchanging information and thoughts to produce the best assignment.

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