Palestine vs. Israel Persuasive Essay

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Palestinians deserve to have peace after what had happened in Gaza, I mean, who would dare hurt the people and the earth itself. It's causing agony to the Palestinians when they did nothing but willing to share, however the Hams were involved in payback towards the Israel's which is probably a smart idea for them. Although, what the Hams did to get revenge was Just thoughtless of what they did because first they are unprepared to defend their area. And their area is beneath, down in the basement with no secure at all.

What's depressing of all is hearing and seeing innocent children get killed by a bomb that was not smart of the Israel's. Recently, they shot a bomb at an elementary school where hundreds or thousands of children died and it was Just truly Especially for the littlest ones who are scared out of their wits! I can't even imagine the danger that is going on and "if I were to" experience a "life or death" situation, it would be terrifying. Also, within my soul; I can feel the excruciating pain from the Palestinians because of the sympathy I have ND it's as well as I should say that I AM one of THEM!

What irks me the most are the people who are Just watching the torturous event happen which is dumb not do take a stand for what is obviously right and I honestly wish I can do something, but at age fifteen I appear to be too young (Yet, I did not say that I won't do anything when clearly I will as I get older, but the simplest thing that I can do is write a heartfelt letter to the people of this world and for them to briefly be inspired by it as I will too) o do anything extraordinary by changing the Middle East into peace between Israel and Palestine.

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I do BELIEVE that I can definitely transform the negativity energy with a much positive aspect for the people who need It and deserve It. There will be a chance to spread the Word that Is needed to be HEARD In order to bring PEACE for our people In the Middle EAST of a Land that will soon be called (In my opinion) "Plasterer" as an official name. Everything Is possible If the World gathers together to unite!!

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