The Conflict Between Israel and Palestine

Last Updated: 16 Nov 2022
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Palestine and Israel have always butt heads on everything. From real estate quarrels to cultural differences they just can’t seem to get along. Palestinians have always wanted to have their own land to rule their own way and it just so happens that the Jewish people of Islam want the same thing (go figure.) Then just split the land down the middle and call it a day right? If only it were that easy. No, instead multiple wars and years of disorganized feud have established themselves as the norm in the region. It comes down to the fact that a border on a map cannot be the deciding factor of peace for this particular situation. In this paper on the discussion we had on Friday I will cover a brief history of major events of the Islamic/Palestine conflicts. Next I will come up with my own fix to the issue which will be difficult as no one has come up with the solution in a hundred plus years. Finally I will talk about why this is relevant topic in the world today.

According to, the start of the tensions between the Jews and Arabs started when Jewish people began purchasing lands in the Arabian territory. Palestinian people didn’t like this too much and this was the start. The small chunk of land now known as Israel was owned by the Austro-Hungarian Empire but Palestine was its official title and it was inhabited by Arabs.  Right toward the beginning of the 1900’s Britain ends up taking over the land from the Austro Hungarian Empire and promotes Jewish immigration. At this time the state was split about 50-50 between Israel and Palestine but spread out in no particular organized state. Britain’s plan was to take over Palestine and split the two cultures apart so that the fighting would end and then Britain would leave and let them be after they were capable of ruling themselves. Yeah right. Britain just said this to take control of the lands easily and build up an ally. This would have been a good strategy seeming how the land lies on what would be the Suez Canal. Well this didn’t end up working anyway. According to (the same site as the maps) the Jewish people were moving to this area to avoid European prosecution and to essentially create their own homeland for once instead of living in someone else’s country with that country’s rules. Britain tried limiting Jewish immigration into the state which caused tensions to begin to rise. As a result rebellions flared up against the British rule.

When I say that the state was split about 50-50 it isn’t in a straight line down the middle. If you look at the map for that time there is clusters of both Palestinians and Jews in no particular form and they are even completely separated from each other in some cases. It was this way because individual areas of the state had the Israeli view on life were the next town over could have the Palestinian viewpoint and the reasoning for this is from the frequent changes in power and rein of cultures. So when Britain came in and tried to simply split them apart, it did not work. This frustrated the Palestinians to the point where they revolted in 1936 against Britain but lost miserably. Brittan won the “war” but they realized that the Palestine/Israeli state was hopeless and they gave their problems to the newly formed United Nations. The UN tried to split the land too but this just resulted in a war. The Arabs invade Jewish owned territory in June of 1948 and win however there victory is short lived as Israel counter attacks and gains much of the land back that looks very similar to what is around today. This whole conflict only lasted about 6 days supposedly. Now Israeli forces own all of the land in that area, including the land inhabited by Palestinian people. This proposed a pretty big issue which resulted in rebellion and riots by the Palestinian people. One thing did start to go right at this period in time though. Peace talks were beginning to take form. Modern day experts are saying that this conflict may finally be coming to an end. Through these peace talks they are trying to compromise and actually understand the other side’s views. This seems more promising than the previous attempt at peace in the region.

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How do we fix such drawn out conflict? There is so much history between these two entities the new generation is just born and simply taught that the other side is bad. The biggest issue is how passionate these people are about their cultural tradition. This is fine in of itself but they butt heads with each other and obviously this is where the problems arise. So I’ll ask again; how do we fix this? explains that two different ideas have been tried to fix the issue. There is the two state solution and the one state solution. It has already been attempted to split up the land into equal parts but people are unwilling to move. These people have deep ties to the land of which they live and wouldn’t leave it for nothing. Obviously the two countries can’t become one as they can’t stand each other and are unwilling to compromise. I believe the real solution cannot be drawn on the map. I think the United Nations has got something here with the peace talks. I know I just said that it hasn’t worked before but if the two states can just accept each other and become one it might just work. Yes the two have very different views on life but they also need to grow up and realize that they aren’t the only people on this earth. Compromise is best option. Learn to love your neighbor and the fighting can stop. Religion should not decide how you look at someone. I looked up other possible solutions but the only other response is to wait till one annihilates the other which I found on a few sights but took from It seems like a harsh answer but it would work. It’s just most nations can’t just watch this happen so the end result is that the conflict keeps going on and eventually it may get better. The issue is a delicate one and there are no known solutions without side effects other than one side just giving in. This is why hundreds of years haven’t solved anything.

So why does the world care? Why does it matter what these relatively insignificant pieces of land make a difference in my daily life elsewhere? Let’s just say the seemingly insignificant parcel of land is the gate to an oil highway. The Suez Canal is pretty important to world economics. When there is conflict surrounding this precious resource, it can really complicate things. All it does is give the oil companies an excuse to raise the price of gas and who wants that? I know as the United State we generally like to see a better world and as the “last” super power, we feel the need to babysit the world. Our reasoning is pre emptive measures to secure a better future for ourselves. It seems kind of silly to me that we spend so much money and effort to help places like Iraq when it just doesn’t seem to be working (but I also realize it’s designed about the long term.) The countries that we just bombed we are now trying to help. This doesn’t make any sense. It’s the same idea for the Israel and Palestine conflict. Why do we care about the oil that goes that way when our oil goes the other way? And other than oil is there any real reason to be there? Israel has been an ally to the United States for a while now and I’m just failing to see any benefits result from it. It’s like working as a pizza delivery guy and not getting paid but still having to use your own gas. It’s a lose-lose situation, so why are we still there especially when we have a rough economy at the moment? The answer to this question is beyond my understanding but I’m sure there is someone out there that knows what they are talking about and knows more about the totality of the situation (hey I’m just a college student.) So to answer the initial question of why should we care? I believe we are there mostly for the oil and that’s about it.

Living in the civilized nation of the US or any other organized nation for that matter, it can be kind of hard to realize what it is like to have an unclear picture of where you actually live and what the state you live in has for values. We have all grown up in the United States and take for granted many things that the people in the Middle East can only dream of. The Israeli/Palestine conflict began hundreds of years ago and the land has history dating back to BC times. The established nation of Britain attempts step in and help this struggling state but ends up failing and handing off their problems to someone else. It would seem that after a super power such as Britain fails that hope may be lost but there may be some hope. Now that generation and generations have passed; citizens of the conflicting nations are beginning to forget what they were even fighting for in the first place. This might just be the break that they need. The United Nations is working hard to try and get these two states to come to a simple understanding. Being on am import piece of land in the middle of everything, it is important that things start to get better in order to progress and make the world a better place. Hopefully these peace talks amount to something and maybe, just maybe we can create peace in the Middle Eastern part of the world.

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