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Borjomi in israel

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Our project consists of several parts: Company review History of company Market strategies The review of competitors PESTLE analysis Cultural overview Action plan Our product is "Boredom" and "Boredom Spring". Our destination market is Israel. The reason we chose this country is the shortage of water which faces the population. Market Strategies Direct Exporting For "Boredom" it will be better to enter into Israel's market via Direct Exporting. Direct Exporting is the way to sell your products to your customers without any intermediaries, be in touch with them all the time and get feedback directly from them.

Direct Exporting will help "Boredom" to eliminate fixed costs, such as rent for offices, utility payments, etc. Direct Exporting helps to the firm boost sales and increase market shares. Through direct exporting activities" Boredom" will gain the valuable experience and expertise about working internationally. The disadvantages for direct exporting should be the complexity of logistics and distribution channels. "Boredom" will need to build up some export organization which solves all these problems on Its behalf. This organization will have to communicate with these parties to thrive sales.

Joint Venture the same production lines and have the same aims. In addition, while using this market entry mode there is a possibility to have conflicts with your local partners, agency problems that arise when one party is expected to act in another's best interests. JP provides lack of managerial control; you cannot manage all issues concerning with the ongoing activities. Sometimes JP creates a competitor for the firm. It often happens that foreign investors lose whole product markets to previous joint venture partners.

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Franchising A management Contract with a particular company will be an advantage for DC Boredom Georgia. A management Contract helps to Georgian company to improve the quality and become more competitive controlled under Israel specialist for both, home and host markets. It is normal when the experienced company sells its management expertise to small developing firm in developing country. A management contract should be a case for cost saving by using its resources more rationally which improves the technical assistance and the employees' skills.

The problem with a management contract should be that potential returns are limited by contract. Chosen Strategy The most acceptable strategy for "Boredom" will be direct exporting because "boredom" has enough experience to work independently internationally. The company's potential profits will be greater because it is eliminating intermediaries. It will get slightly better protection for its trademarks, patents and copyrights. As the company's business develops in the foreign market, it will have greater flexibility to improve or redirect its marketing efforts.

Trademark "Boredom" is produced by IDS Boredom Georgia, which is a part of IDS Boredom International - the biggest producer of natural mineral water and leader under the notion of natural bottled waters within CICS and Baltic countries. IDS Boredom Georgia is an unchallenged market leader in Georgians bottled water industry, which has already established its best known brand Ames like Boredom, Alkali, Boredom Springs and Baking. Its biggest selling brand Boredom has established its presence in over 30 countries worldwide.

IDS Boredom Georgia brings to the market the natural and wholesome drinking water, which gives a drive and a boost of energy. The Company builds its operations on four main principles: expansion of sales geography, market diversification, conduction of aggressive marketing campaigns and introduction of new brands into the portfolio. As producers we are keeping abreast of the latest developments on the market and re always oriented towards responding effectively to the customer needs. Product quality is always our top priority.

Our product "Boredom", which we are going to launch into the market in Israel, has several competitors. Those are: Genesis, Me Eden, Invention... Israel operates under a parliamentary system as a democratic republic with universal suffrage. President is Simon Peres and prime Minister”Benjamin Entertain, who is the head of government and head of the cabinet. Israel is politically stable, but brutal colonization of Palestinian territory. As we mentioned above that Israel is literally stable, the same could be said about Israel's economy.

So Israel is considered one of the most advanced countries in Southwest Asia in economic and industrial development; its nominal GAP for 2011 year estimate is $ 242,897 billion, per - 39,2 and it's human development index is very high 0,888 with which Israel is on the 17th place in the world. The country is ranked 3rd in the region on the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business Index as well as in the World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Report. It has the second-largest number of startup companies in the world (on the first place is U.

S) and the largest number of NASDAQ-Sited companies outside North America But it's crucial that Israel's economy has undergone a radical change over the last several decades from an economy based on agriculture and small businesses, which are producing a wide variety of highly demanded products that are marketed worldwide. Also Israel's banking system is advanced and well- developed, with branch connections all over the world, and it provides the business sector all the services it requires. The economy is also strengthening by the legal system which Israel has developed.

However, Israel has suffered from a chronic water shortage for years. The causes of water shortage are both natural and man- made. Israel has suffered from four consecutive years of drought. The increase in demand for water for domestic uses, that comes from the growth of population and the rising standard of living, together with the need to supply water pursuant to sources. The agricultural sector has suffered most because of this water crisis. Due to the shortage, water allocations to the sector had to be reduced drastically causing a reduction in the agricultural productivity.

Company includes 4 brands: "Boredom", "Alkali", "Boredom Springs" and "Baking". The company maintains the harmonic fusion between a good taste and multiple vitamins. History of the Company "Boredom" is the producer of mineral spring water that was discovered over one thousand years ago in the Boredom Gorge of central Georgia. Trademark "Boredom" is produced by IDS Boredom Georgia, which is a part of IDS Boredom International - the bottled waters within CICS and Baltic countries. IDS Boredom Georgia brings to the market the natural and wholesome drinking water, which gives a drive and a boost of energy.

The use of Georgian mineral waters has been suggested by the Georgian and foreign researchers for complex treatment of several digestive diseases and diabetes mellitus. Traditionally, Georgians consume sparkling mineral waters as an extremely effective antioxidant during food poisoning and especially as a natural hangover remedy. IDS Boredom Georgia is an unchallenged market leader in Georgians bottled water industry, which has already established its best known brand names like" Boredom", "Alkali"," Boredom Springs" and "Baking".

The mineral water sector in Georgia had an approximately GEL 126 million output in 2010, 40% of which was exported. IDS Boredom Georgia was one of the key players in it. Its biggest selling brand "Boredom" has established its presence in over 30 countries worldwide The Company builds its operations on four main principles: expansion of sales geography, market diversification, conduction of aggressive marketing campaigns and introduction of new brands into the portfolio. As producers they are keeping abreast of the latest developments on the market and are always oriented towards responding effectively to the customer needs.

Product quality is always their top priority. Competitive advantages High Water quality Room for expansion (capacity of existing bottlers can more than double) pride, part of the Georgian culture, tradition Certified curative properties Well protected from forgery Vast export experience National High recognition in former Soviet countries and rising popularity in US, AJAX, EX. Aim The aim of the "Boredom" is a combination of nature and technologies, delivering natural and healthy products to the consumers and thus creating value both for the establishment and the society.

They are focused on creating an environment that benefits both their staff and customers and best suits their needs. Efforts thus concentrated contribute to the realization of new ideas and facilitate further development. Products Boredom Alkali Boredom springs Baking Assortment Boredom" mineral water is presented in four packing variants: 1 In glass bottle 0,33 1 (expire date - 2 years from production date); 2) in bottle 1 (expire date - 2 years date; 4) in plastic bottle 1 1 (expire date - 1 year from production date).

Awards 1907 SPA Grand pan 1909 Kane Grand Golden Medal 1911 Dressed Diploma of Honor 1940 Italian Golden Medal 1975 Budapest Diploma of Honor, World Exhibition 1998 Novosibirsk Golden Medal 1996, 1997, 1998 SST. Petersburg Golden Medal 2005 ISO 22000 REVIEW OF COMPETITORS IN ISRAEL Our product "Boredom", which we are going to launch into the market in Israel, has several competitors. Those are: Genesis, Me Eden, Invention. It is very important to keep up with them and even to do better than they do.

These companies Genesis Genesis Waters is an import company devoted to supporting Israel by introducing bottled water entirely produced in Israel to the American market. Much of the proceeds from Genesis Waters are donated to organizations that help Israel's victims of terror rebuild their lives. Genesis is created to support Israel. Genesis means "new beginning", and in response to the devastating attacks upon the citizens of Israel, company donates a significant portion of our profits to organizations hat help Israel's victims of terror rebuild their lives.

Also every ounce of excess water resulting from the bottling of the product is recycled to supply local agricultural settlements with water, helping to keep the Land of Israel "green". This is a high-end mineral water that is sourced since Biblical times. The natural mineral water originates from an artesian source providing natural mineral water that is pure, mild, naturally balanced and enriched with the most precious constituents offered by nature. This premium water is low in mineral salts, trace elements and carries more nutrients to the body and helps it more easily expel toxins ND excess minerals.

Me Eden Me Eden is the brand name of the company Eden Springs Ltd. Which is an Israeli mineral water marketing company. It is a leading mineral water company in Israel. The brand and company were created in 1980 after development of the Salvia wellspring in Katharine, Goals Heights. After additional tests with the wellspring water, Me Eden received permission to market its water in 1983. Me Eden has recently started to product water coolers, water container holders and disposable cups as well. The company is engaged in the production and marketing of natural mineral eater distribution, water is the pioneer companies in Israel.

Eden is proud to take credit for the development and delivery of water consumption culture in Israel and also believe that drinking natural mineral water is the basis of a way of life healthy distribution of natural mineral water Jugs at home or office. The company currently serves more than 130 thousand customers in Israel. But it should be noted that bottling was halted after tests showed bacteria levels exceeded limits set by state regulators. The company said it was carrying out tests in coordination with the Ministry of Health and assured consumers that water already on sale was fit to drink.

In February 2009, pollution forced Eden and a rival company, Invention, to halt and recall bottled water from stores. Eden said later the incident had caused the company losses of between 22 million and 125 million. Invention Invention is a leading manufacturer and distributor of natural mineral water in Israel. The company's innovative range of products includes both bottled water products and water cooler dispensers for private and office use in a wide range of sizes and styles. In 2006, Invention+ was launched - a product line based on Invention mineral water tit added vitamins and light flavors.

In May 2011, Invention began to produce natural mineral water from a mountain aquifer in the Upper Galilee. The advanced drilling technology utilized in this process is similar to that of the leading European mineral water companies. Using this innovative system, Invention is reaching water while it is still pure in the depths of the earth. Invention pledges to provide its customers with natural mineral water of the very highest quality. The Invention factory in Karat Samoan operates the most advanced technologies in the world while maintaining the highest reduce quality.

All manufacturing and filling lines are operated without the need for human intervention. Every day, 150 tests are carried out on the filling lines to ensure that the products are of the highest quality. In addition to the checks carried out by the company, it is audited by authorized external organizations to ensure that the highest quality standards are always met. Having said that it is crucial for our market entry to know everything about them and do our best and at least gain a market place near them. All of the competitors stated above have a strong reputation among customers, because they remain on markets for years.

Israel water purifying, recycling technology makes world markets take notice, as local companies introduce new development to what will become a $10 billion a year market by 2015. So it's going to be a huge challenge for us to be competitive, but not impossible. PESTLE ANALYSIS OF ISRAEL Political Political Structure representation and universal suffrage. Chief of State is President Simon Peres; the president is the head of state; the office symbolizes the unity of the state and carries high prestige and moral force, above and beyond party politics. The president (head of state) is elected by the Knees for a 5-year term.

Head of Government is Prime Minister Benjamin Entertain. Its governmental system is based on several basic laws enacted by its unicameral parliament, the Knees. The prime minister exercises executive power and has in the past been selected by the president as the party leader most able to form a government. Between May 1996 and March 2001, Israelis voted for the prime minister directly. (The legislation, which required the direct election of the prime minister, was rescinded by the Knees in March 2001 . ) The embers of the cabinet must be collectively approved by the Knees. The Knees serves as Israel's unicameral legislative body.

Its 120 members are elected by secret ballot to 4-year terms, although the prime minister may decide to call for new elections before the end of the 4-year term. Voting is for party lists rather than for individual candidates, and the total number of seats assigned each party reflects that party's percentage of the vote. Successful Knees candidates are drawn from the lists in order of party-assigned rank. Under the present electoral system, all members of the Knees are elected at large. Israel is divided into six districts, administration of which is coordinated by the Ministry of Interior.

The Ministry of Defense is responsible for the administration of the occupied territories. Major Parties In Parliament Israel's political system is based on proportional representation which allows for a multi-party system with numerous parties. There are currently five parties with more than ten seats in the 120-seat Knees, and a single party usually has no chance of gaining power by itself (only once has a party held an absolute majority in the Knees), forcing the parties to cooperate and form coalition governments. This article lists the political parties in Israel. ACADIA is a centrist and liberal political party in Israel.

It was established on 24 November 2005 by moderates from Liked largely to support the issue of Riel's unilateral disengagement plan, and was soon Joined by like-minded Labor politicians. With Thud Elmer as party chairman following Sharon stroke, it became the largest party in the Knees after the 2006 elections, winning 28 of the 120 seats, and led a coalition government. LIKED is the major centre-right conservative political party in Israel. It was founded in 1973 in an alliance with several right- ins and liberal parties. In 2009 elections, the party won 27 seats, and now leads the Israeli government under Prime Minister Entertain.

A member of the party is often called a Liking WISELY BETTING is a nationalist political party in Israel. The party's base has traditionally been secular, Russian-speaking Israelis. The party describes itself as "a national movement with the clear vision to follow in the brave path of Cave from the former Soviet Union, it has also expanded its appeal to a more veteran Israeli public. It takes a strong line towards the peace process and the integration f Israeli Arabs, characterized by its 2009 election slogan "No loyalty, no citizenship".

Its main platform includes recognition of the two-state solution, the creation of a Palestinian state that would include an exchange of some largely Arab- inhabited parts of Israel for largely Jewish-inhabited parts of the West Bank. The party maintains an anti-clerical mantle and encourages socio-economic opportunities for new immigrants, in conjunction with efforts to increase Jewish immigration. In the elections the party won 15 seats, its most to date, making it the third largest party in the Knees. Legal System JUDICIARY: THE COURT SYSTEM The Judiciary is entirely independent.

Judges are appointed by the president upon recommendation of a special nine-person committee composed of three Supreme Court Justices, two members of the Israeli Bar and four public figures (I. E. Government ministers, Knees members). Judges receive appointments for life, with retirement at age 70. Although legislative competence is wholly within the Knees, the Supreme Court can and does call attention to the desirability of legislative changes; sitting as the High Court of Justice, it has the authority to determine hither a law properly conforms to the Basic Laws of the state.

The Court System Israel has a three-tier court system. At the lowest level is Magistrate Court, situated in most cities across the country. Above them are District Court, serving both as appellate courts and courts of first instance; they are situated in five of Israel's six districts. The third and highest tier is the Supreme Court, located in Jerusalem; it serves a dual role as the highest court of appeals and the High Court of Justice. In the latter role, the Supreme Court rules as a court of first instance, allowing individuals, OTOH citizens and non-citizens, to petition against the decisions of state authorities.

Although Israel supports the goals of the International Criminal Court, it has not ratified the Rome Statute, citing concerns about the ability of the court to remain free from political impartiality. Israel's legal system combines three legal traditions: English common law, civil law and Jewish law. It is based on the principle of precedents and is an adversarial system, where the parties in the suit bring evidence before the court. Court cases are decided by professional Judges rather than Juries. Marriage and divorce are under the Jurisdiction of the religious courts: Jewish, Muslim, Drupe, and Christian.

A committee of Knees members, Supreme Court Justices, and Israeli Bar members carries out the election of Judges. Administration of Israel's courts (both the situated in Jerusalem. Both General and Labor courts are paperless courts: the storage of court files, as well as court decisions, is conducted electronically. Israel's Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty seeks to defend human rights and liberties in Israel. Israel is the only country in the region ranked "Free" by Freedom House based on the level of civil liberties and political rights; the "Palestinian Authority-Administered Territories" was ranked "Not Free.

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