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Palestine vs. Israel

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Palestine Vs. Israel Palestine was part of the Ottoman Empire until the end of World War I. The empire was ruled under the Muslims. The Ottoman Empire was the most liberal state. Christians, Jews and Muslims all wanted this country because of their beliefs and customs. After World War I Palestine was separated and Palestine, for the first time became a country with designated borders and area. Palestinian Muslims should gain more control of the land because their faith on the land is designed for peace, they had control of the land first and they have more holy sites on the land.

First, Muslims Islamic faith on the land that they want is designed for peace and divine justice. “When looking at the significance of Palestine within the Islamic faith and the central role it has played throughout Islamic history, the real nature of the conflict is a civilizational conflict waged between, on the one hand Islamic Civilization with its divinely inspired laws and mission to create on this earth the society of justice and freedom which has been ordained by God. ”(pg:4). This shows that the Muslims only want their land because they want peace and freedom.

They believe that if they get their land back they can live with freedom and they also believe that it will create peace among other religion. “The significance of Palestine in the Islamic faith is evident by the frequent references to it in both the Qur’an and the Ahadith of Prophet Muhammad. ”(Pg: 2). The Qur’an specifically states that Islam is the religion of peace. The only thing Muslims wanted was to make peace and the only reason they want to keep the land is because it says in their Islamic faith that they should keep the land and try making peace and equality between humans.

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Second, the Muslims had control of the land first. It was the Ottoman Empire that took controlled after WWI and was in control for a really long time. “The authors argue that Palestine was under Muslim control for most of history. ” (Pg:1). This shows that Muslims were controlling the land for a really long time and it was theirs because they ruled it first. If the Jews wanted the land really badly then they would have came to conquer the land a really long time ago. “The loss of Palestine in 1948 is second only to the downfall of the Islamic Caliphate. ” (Pg:1).

This proves that the Muslims were really anger that they took their land because it was their land first and they controlled it for such a long time. They didn’t themselves understand why the Jews would take the land after they ruled the land for so long. Lastly, the Muslims have a lot of holy sites in the land and it is their second holy city. ”Palestine is second in significance to Muslims only to Islam’s holy cities of Mecca and Medina. ” (Pg:1). This shows that when Muslims were controlling this land they had holy sites that Muslims went to pray and worship.

These holy sites mean a lot to them and it even says that in the Qur’an. They had mosques and holy sites where many of the prophets were born. “The greatest significances of Palestine for the Muslims is that it contains Baitul-Maqdis, the holiest place in Islam. ” (Pg:2) Baitul-Maqdis is one of the most important holy sites on the land; this is also why they should get the land back. Baitul-Maqdis was the center of Isra’ and Mi’raj of Prophet Muhammad and it was the second mosque established on Earth.

Several verses in the Qur’an even says that Allah has blessed the land around the Baitul- Maqdis. Muslims Islamic faiths, controlling the land first and holy sites are the reasons why Palestinians should have the land back. I believe that their religion is based on peace and equality that they have every right to have their land back. I also believe that the Muslims were never harming the land or stopping the Jews to come visit there holy places so, then why shouldn’t the Muslims not gain control of the land?

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