Organizational Culture and Heinz Australia

Last Updated: 19 Apr 2023
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1. Draw on each of the elements of the cultural web to discuss how the culture at Heinz Australia has changed and is continuing to evolve under Widdows’ leadership. The Paradigm: ‘Going backward’, unprofitable business, very negative, low-risk, ‘punitive’ culture, lack of nurturing and support of staff, little encouragement of new ideas, and a complex organizational structure. Are the Assumptions/core beliefs of Heinz Australia before. Myths and Stories: staff morale was low and turnover unacceptably high, very negative, low- risk, and ‘punitive’ culture.

Symbols Aspects: Heinz Logo is known all over the world for their condiments and other food products. Mission and Vision statement that gives direction and goal in the businesss. Power Structure: It shows that Widdows have gained respect from the staffs, that which follows his authority. Organisational Structure: its hierarchical structure Control System: With the changes have made for their corporate culture, through being flexible by given the mutual respect and trust to the staff.

It shows that it doesn’t have to monitor every time. Rituals and routines: Showing an initiative concern for their staff, such health and wellbeing, giving free membership to the gym, health care programs and such. 2. Based on your cultural web audit, identify the key forces for and against change. The key forces against change is staff turnover unacceptably high, low risk and punitive culture. With this culture, it will be difficult for the new management to adopt to changes.

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Moreover, Widdows as he pursued for transformational change when he became a Managing Director. It has change from negative to positive culture. 3. What appear to be the key strengths of the new culture? After the Widdows taking over as the new leadership, it helps the staff to enjoy by flexible working hours, have mutual respect and trust, ‘great place to work’ environment. Instead of being afraid to give new ideas, staffs are encouraged to share. 4. What aspects of the organization need to be monitored and sustained to nsure the organization does not slide back into the old ways of thinking and working? Continues providing of the new rewards and benefits system. Such as flexible working hours, free membership to the gym, health care, and others. More importantly the leaders of the organization should be in lined their purpose and objective with one another. Reference: Graetz, F. , Rimmer, M. , Smith, A. , & Lawrence, A. (2011). Managing Organisational Change (3rd Edition). Milton, QLD, John Wiley & Sons

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