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Using the competing values framework as a point of reference, how would you describe Verizon's current organizational Culture? Provide examples to support your conclusions. A clan culture is a family like or tribe like type of corporate environment that emphasizes consensus and commonality of goals and values. Clan cultures are the most collaborative and the least competitive of the four main corporate culture models. Mentoring, employer commitment and employee engagement are thought to remote empowerment and loyalty that will drive productivity and business success.

Verizon's employees are the embodiment of that belief. Whether they're mentoring students, helping non-profits build capacity or running to support a community in crisis, there employees are generous, caring people who are committed to making a difference. 2. What type of culture is desired by CEO Lowell Macadam to meet his goals? Discuss. CEO Lowell Macadam thought creating a leadership culture that leads for shareholder value would meet one of his listed goals.

The company then made a key lever for cultural change called the Leading for Shareholder Value (LSI). It Is a 1. 5 day mandatory executive education program that was designed to help senior leaders understand how to drive long-term value creation which were all lead by CEO Macadam and COOP Fran Shame. Senior leaders were placed in cross-business units and cross functional teams and giving an assignment to identify obstacles preventing Verizon from creating more shareholder value. At the end, each team would report to a panel of top... 3. ICC of the 11 ways to change an organizational culture has Verizon used to create Its current culture provide examples to support your conclusions? Verizon's current organizational culture In creating leadership that leads for shareholder value was one of Verizon's significant training goals in 2011 and the company's implementation of Leading for Shareholder Value was a key lever for cultural change. Verizon launched a customized executive education initiative in partnership with Duke Corporate Education in February 2011. 4. Does Mr..

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Business managent

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Lowell ant to create more off mechanistic or organic organization? Explain. Mr.. Lowell wants to create an organic organization. Wealth an organic organization there are fewer procedures, informal communication, and networks of employees who are encored to cooperate and respond quickly to unexpected tasks. This is why there is so much emphasis on training at Verizon. Employees must know how to respond with operational effectiveness and training at Verizon. Employees must know how to respond with operational effectiveness and high performance in an organization that ales Innovation.

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