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An Analysis of the Food Advertisement for Heinz Company

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For my advertisement analysis, I chose a food advertisement. In the advertisement, there are tomato slices stacked on top of each other, which are shaped to look like a ketchup bottle. The tomato slices also have the name of the company and other nutritional information just like a real ketchup bottle. The product being marketed is a ketchup bottle from the Heinz Company. At the bottom of the ketchup bottle are the words "No one grows ketchup like Heinz does." No one can grow ketchup, but you can grow tomatoes. I believe that Heinz is subtly claiming that they grow the best tomatoes, which in turn makes them have the best ketchup.

To support this claim, I will use the advertisement itself as evidence. In the advertisement, the ketchup bottle is actually just a bunch of sliced tomatoes. From this, I can see that Heinz uses natural, fresh, tomatoes in order to make their ketchup. Last is the warrant of the advertisement. Heinz uses natural tomatoes to make their ketchup, which means it has no pesticides, which is why it tastes better to the consumer. Therefore, this makes Heinz Ketchup the best ketchup.

I believe that the advertisement uses Logos very strongly. By depicting the ketchup bottles as being made out of real tomatoes, Heinz is trying to get its consumers to think about the benefits of tomatoes and why natural tomatoes are so good. This advertisement made me think about the reasons why tomatoes could be positive to an individual's health. The advertisement wants its consumers to think logically about why they should buy their ketchup, mostly because of the benefits of eating natural tomatoes.

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Tomatoes are rich in Vitamins A and C, and are very good for the digestive health of the stomach. Also, because the tomatoes are natural, it means there are no pesticides or other chemicals inside of it. Because of this, consumers will logically know Heinz is healthy for them. If consumers really analyzed the advertisement of the Heinz Ketchup advertisement, they would see that there are actual reasons that Heinz believes their ketchup is the best out there.

The advertisement also uses Ethos. It uses Ethos by showing consumers upfront what kind of ingredient is going inside the ketchup. They are not being vague about what's in their product. They are also not lying to the consumer either by pretending to have natural ingredients. All the information can be found on the bottle so that consumers can check for themselves that what they're buying is the same as what they saw in the advertisement.

The advertisement also uses Pathos. It uses Pathos because it elicited a specific feeling from me. When I saw this advertisement, I was pleased. I was pleased because the Heinz Company was being honest about their ingredients and their product. Many companies today don't really do that anymore.

If I was to make a more persuasive argument with the same claim, I believe I would try to emphasize Pathos more. The advertisement doesn't really have a strong Pathos connection like it does for Ethos and Logos. I believe that I would change the background of advertisement of to show the ketchup being squeezed onto a child's plate. The claim of Heinz having the best ketchup would stay the same but for my evidence, I would be able to say that because Heinz grows it's on tomatoes, its ketchup would be good enough and safe enough for a child to eat. If the advertisement had done something along these lines, it would get consumers thinking about their children and how their health can be impacted by the food their parents buy for them. Because Heinz shows that it uses fresh and natural tomatoes, consumers would be very happy to know that they are positively contributing to their child's health.

In conclusion, Heinz claims that they have the best ketchup and use the fact that they make their ketchup out of fresh tomatoes to support this claim. They assume that the consumers would know that natural tomatoes are healthier than ones with chemicals in it, which is the warrant of the advertisement. In addition, the advertisement the Heinz Ketchup advertisement uses Ethos, Pathos, and Logos to their advantage in order to sell consumers their product.

They use Ethos to prove their honesty about their ingredients, Logos to have consumers think about the benefits of their product, and Pathos to elicit positive feelings about their product. However good the advertisement was, there is always room for improvement. I believe that if the Heinz Company had shown ketchup being placed onto a child's plate, it would get a lot of parents thinking about what they put in their child's mouth. I am glad I was able to analyze how companies market their food to consumers, considering I need food to stay alive. I believe that now it has made me more thoughtful about the foods and different products I put into my body, and how to spot the healthier ones.

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