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Australia is physically and culturally unique

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Australia’s multicultural attitude respects all cultures and races. Australia’s government is amazing because it was federated and democratic. Its climate varies throughout Australia because of its size.

Australia is a truly fascinating continent/country/island. Its uniqueness is due to its flora with its many different plants. Its fauna and its many creatures only found in Australia. Australia’s lifestyle is also sought after because it can’t be found anywhere else. Also it landscape is almost unpredictable and also classifies Australia as a continent, country, and island. Its final asset is its development and technology, since Australia is a major contributor to medical studies and are leaders in sports technology. Now that you know briefly why Australia is unique, the rest of this report will elaborate further on them.

Australia has a unique climate. It sits in many climate zones because of its large size. These zones include tropical, sub-tropical, temperate, and sub-temperate. Most of Australia has four seasons, summer, autumn, winter, and spring, in other places it is two seasons and they are the wet and dry seasons. From blistering hot temperatures in Darwin to below zero temperatures in Hobart, Australia’s climate is one of many things that make Australia unique.

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Australia is physically and culturally unique

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Next in line is Australia’s landscape. Australia has many different terrains from forests to deserts and this is also because of its large size. The edge of Australia is mostly green except for the western coast; the rest of Australia is mainly dry and arid. Australia’s shape, size, and location also make it a continent, country, and also an island.

The flora in Australia is truly amazing. Australia has a wide range of flora, like bottle brushes, waratahs, and eucalyptus trees. All the plants mentioned are unique to Australia, with many more that haven’t been mentioned. These plants are also important to Australia’s fauna for habitat and food. These plants also make Australia a colourful and beautiful place.

As mentioned in the above paragraph, Australian fauna is important to Australia. The creatures unique to Australia are the kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, emus, koalas, kookaburras, etc. If u look on the Australian emblem u should see two animals unique to Australia, the emu and the kangaroo.

Australian lifestyle is well sought after. It is sought after because of the easy going, laid back nature of all Australians. Everyone seems to be happy and enjoying life while in America everyone is stressed and working very hard. The Australian lifestyle also involves the great outdoors. The dominant male is at the BBQ cooking shrimp and steak holding a VB while a game of cricket is going on in the background. These points make the Australian lifestyle favourable.

The reason the Australian lifestyle is as it is now is because of its government. Australia originally had 6 colonies until it was federated in 1900. Since then Australia has improved and has learnt from past mistakes. The Australian government makes sure that all cultures and races are accepted as equals, which makes it a multicultural government.

This brings us to the next point, multiculturalism. Australia is unique because it is one of the few countries where all cultures and races are respected for who they are and treated as equals. This makes Australia an ideal country to travel to for non-white people because it guarantees that they would be treated fairly while in this country.

Australia is pretty significant when it comes to development and technology. Australia are major contributors to medical research especially in the cancer research section. Australians are also leaders in sports technology, mainly to do with rugby, cricket, and AFL. This makes Australia ideal for people interested in sports and cancer research.

The following reasons above make me strongly believe that Australia is a unique country. To live in this amazing country is a privilege and should be respected because of it is a one of a kind country, and is confirmed in the above paragraphs.

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