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NewCastle Beer employs multiple market positioning. The strategy involves specialization of brands for particular markets which is designed to be representative of the demographic and psychographic characteristics of these respective markets. Though the strategy is not unique to the company, by customizing products to markets instead of introducing existing products as they are, the company is able to subscribe to variances in requirements or demands particularly in its international operations (Research and Markets, 2005).

Thus, NewCastle Beer is positioned specifically for the variant’s target market which is accomplished by developing direct rapport and natural preference for the product for the purpose of status or identity. Target position is for NewCastle Beer to be the personal choice of the market regardless of their tastes for beer and related products. Currently the company dominates the UK and Irish markets, considered as the key beer import company in the US and one of the fastest growing brands in Central and Eastern Europe (Scottish-Newcastle, 2007).

Some of the marketing strategies done for NewCastle Beer use personal appeal and a degree of bandwagon effect. Campaigns figure significantly scenarios common to the market for middle to lower end markets while emphasizing status and quality dominates the strategy for high end products. The latter include co-marketing strategies with establishments either in the form of product supply or price benefits for significant sales or exclusivity of NewCastle Beer in the establishments (Scottish-Newcastle, 2007).

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In consumer sales, efforts include point of purchase and media advertising. Though campaigns vary to accommodate localized cultural references, there is significant and direct allusion to the history of the product and the company (Research and Markets, 2005). This strategy is to establish the quality of the product particularly in markets where there existing brand or product leaders. There are also significant partnerships for in-house sales as well as consumer sales.


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