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There are a number of organizations outside North America producing products that have already reached their stage of maturity. Grupo Modelo is one of those organizations and it produces a variety of beer products that come in different brands. Among products produced by Grupo Module, Corona Extra has been picked as the organization’s product that has reached its maturity stage and this is made evident by the wide area in which it has gained popularity.

Corona Extra’s markets have continued to increase by the day and more is expected in future due to this product’s high quality levels presented in form of unique taste as well as imagery. Financial sources from outside as well as within Mexico which is headquarter of Grupo Modelo has made a considerable contribution to overall success of this organization’s success particularly where Corona Extra is concerned.


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Grupo Modelo is a non-North American organization that deals with production of beer and is based in Mexico country.

Grupo Modelo produces several beer brands namely Corona Extra, Pacifico, Modelo Especial, Negra Modelo and Corona Light. Among these brands, Corona Extra has reached its maturity stage within the organization’s product offerings. Corona Extra has received a wide range of preference by both domestic as well as international beer consumers which has been converted to its large number of sales. The high market levels that Grupo Modelo has attained with its Corona Extra can be credited to a number of sources that support it financially. Some sources are domestic while others are from outside Mexico. (Marron, 2008)

Grupo Modelo Organization and Its Corona Extra Product Grupo Modelo is internationally recognized as a brewery in Latin America and the organization’s headquarter is located in Mexico. This organization produces beer that has been found to be among the top selling brands in Mexico as well as internationally including UK, Canada and US. Grupo Modelo has portrayed diverse and competitive systems with which it distributes its products including Corona Extra, resulting to economic success experienced in the organization’s lifecycle.

Corona Extra together with the other beer products of Grupo Modelo has made this organization to be included in the list of top companies within Latin America. This organization also bases its operations on a cooperate mission; which is producing, distributing and selling of the best quality of beer that is made available to customers at fair prices. Grupo Modelo is also determined at optimizing its resources as well as producing beyond its customers’ expectations, contributing to overall development both socially and economically in Mexico. (Marron, 2008)

Grupo Modelo ownership is a partnership with Mitchell group where Anheuser-Busch takes the largest portion of shares availed in the stock market. The domestic contribution of Mexicans towards financial status of Grupo Modelo is through their intensive purchasing of this particular brand and profits obtained from its sales are normally incorporated in the company’s further production where most of it goes to increment of Corona Extra production.

Corona Extra has a wide range of distribution and the countries in which it is already available total to one hundred and fifty. The content of Corona Extra has about four point six percent of alcohol which makes it preferable to a large number of consumers increasing its sales considerably. This brand has been in the market for quite a long period of time which has given it enough time to reach its maturity stage within Grupo Modelo’s product offerings. Read about Product Life Cycle of BMW

The first time that Corona Extra was brewed in Mexico was back in the year nineteen twenty five. This is also the time that Grupo Modelo was celebrating its tenth anniversary. The year that followed that is; nineteen twenty six saw the packaging of Corona Extra in a quarter liter bottles made of glass. Corona Extra development has taken place within the time period between nineteen twenty six and nineteen ninety seven when it got recognized as the imported beer with the largest number of sales.

During the development period of Corona Extra, Grupo Modelo was able to package it in bottles holding distinct capacities ranging from two hundred and fifty milliliters to nine hundred and forty milliliters. Among these varieties, this product is given some different names which make it easy for its identification. For instance, the one packaged in two hundred and fifty milliliters is commonly known as Cuartito while the nine hundred and forty package, is Corona Familiar. (Doole, 2007)

The maturity stage of Corona Extra is made evident by the situation where it was recognized by users through facebook when a research regarding its popularity was being conducted. The widely spread population of Facebook subscribers was asked to point out five of their favorite things and they picked Corona Extra as one of them. Facebook users gave it preference above other very competitive brands like Heineken which most people would have thought that it would be preferred instead of Corona Extra since it has registered high popularity over the years.

The CEO of this particular organization confirmed results of that research study by stating that the fact that Corona Extra was listed among the five things that people prefer, was a definite proof that this product was experiencing great success. Corona Extra’s imagery is among the features that distinguish it from other brands produced by the same company as well as other organizations, equally contributing to its attractiveness to consumers.

Unique shape of the bottle in which Corona Extra is packaged serves as an attractive measure to its consumers and it equally contributes to overall reasons at to why it has gained popularity over a wide area. Corona Extra comes in six packs whose bottles show usage directions in eight different languages which necessitate its marketing all over the world. Corona Extra that is produced for export purposes is served in a unique presentation where a piece of lemon is place at the bottle’s neck in order to signify its taste which makes this product different from others.

However, the clear bottle in which Corona Extra is packaged greatly increases chances for its spoilage since when these packages are exposed to light, the taste is significantly damaged and the resultant taste is normally referred to as “skunky”. This limitation is catered for by Corona Extra distributors who ensure that they avoid direct light exposure in order to preserve it as long as possible until the time it gets to the final customer who is the consumer. (Doole, 2007)

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