Marketing research proposal of Lion Ice Beer

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Lion ice is a beer brewed in New Zealand by lion breweries. It has been one of the leading brands in premium beers in New Zealand but over the recent past there has been a substantial decline in sales volumes. The beer is specifically brewed for a certain social class (urban New Zealand males aged 26-39) who have incomes ranging from $35,000-$65,000.

According the lion ice brand manager, the beer is within its latter stages of the brands product cycle and he feels there is need to re-engineer the brand afresh.

Thus this research proposal aims at looking at some of the root causes for the products loss of market share as well as looking at ways that could restore the brands market share.

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The brand manager assumes that the reason for the decline in popularity is due to the introduction in the market of new brands of imported premium beers.


Lion Breweries Company launched the lion ice brand in 1993. The aim of its introduction was to compete with other brands in the ice-brewed segment of the market such as Carlton cold from Carlton breweries. This was in addition to the fact that ice-brewed beers were presumed to be a premium style of beer.

Literature review:

Marketing research proposals, just like many other types of research proposals need to be undertaken carefully. In writing this research proposal I have tried to emulate the laid down procedures for research proposals. Thus, I have used ideas from such scholars as Paul T. P. Wong, as well as David S. Walonick. These scholars have carefully described the art of proposal writing to its fullest both in qualitative and quantitative analysis.


In carrying out this research I have taken much emphasis in examining the best methodologies to use and I have come up with the following methodology.

Firstly I have chosen the use of questionnaires that will supposedly be filled in by wholesalers and distributors. This is because these middle men have first hand information on what types and quantities of beer that retailers ask for.

The questionnaires will help to determine the present demand as well as the supply available for the lion ice brand. In addition to this the questionnaires will also address the issue of pricing since it could also be a reason why people are avoiding the lion ice brand. In addition to these questionnaires there will be another set of questionnaires that retailers will be given by their distributors for them to be filled in by the consumers.

This second set of questionnaires will target people’s tastes and preferences. This set will be geared towards the attainment of necessary information that will help to re brand the lion ice brand. This information will include issues of the alcoholic content, poster or logo image, bottle type amongst other factors.

Since the New Zealand market is very large and given the time limitation I have decided to use snowball sampling technique. In so doing I will interview one major distributor of premium beers of selected cities. Once I have interviewed the distributor I will leave the questionnaires with him for them to be circulated by retailers. Once the forms are filled they will be returned back to the distributor as retailers replenish their stocks.

The study will involve a lot of travelling as well as the use of telephone conversations from time to time. Due to time limitation I have chosen snowball sampling technique since it is easier under the circumstances. Since the research is supposed to take at most two months I have planned to spend the first three weeks randomly selecting distributors nationally who will be my primary subjects or participants. Within this period I will also issue the questionnaires for distribution.

Once this is done I am hoping to use the fourth week contacting the distributors and knowing the degree of feedback. If this goes as planned I hope to spend the fifth and sixth week collecting the questionnaires as well as clarifying any disparities in the feedbacks.

The seventh and eighth weeks I hope to analyze and compile my research findings and come up with the final recommendations.


After conducting the research and administering the questionnaires I will be looking forward to getting answers to the following questions. Firstly I will be able to know the current levels of demand and supply, I will also be able to know the best pricing strategy, the current tastes and preferences will also be known among others.


By undertaking this research I am positive that I will be able to come up with concrete answers necessary for the re-introduction of the brand into the market. However, due to time limitations the research will not be as conclusive as I would have wanted it to be. This may cause the results to deviate slightly from the actual case but the deviation will be minimal and negligible I believe.


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