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Strategic Plan, Part III: Balanced Scorecard

The objectives for are derived from the mission statement together with our company aim to provide our clients and their customers with the most flexible and effective customer relations services and protecting the relationship between a recognizable brand name and the customers that are served. The mission statement clearly outlines what is important to our clients, their customers and lastly what is most important to LLC. A satisfied customer is paramount to the success of our clients.

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This objective is only achieved by the professionalism, caring and the understanding by the call center agents that we are the first line of customer interaction that represents the client company. Our position in the process must leave a desirable first impression upon the client customers. Our management team grasp of a body of knowledge pertaining to the call center industry will continue to nurture a work-force that is being primed to provide impeccable customer relations services to an expanded field consisting of retailers in every industry of service.

The role of the call center is growing in the service industry. Our vision statement recognizes the position of call centers as technological advances are made to deliver superb customer service relations. Technology will be the deciding factor in achieving objectives. The larger customer relations firms are poised to continue out-sourcing their services which leaves a void for customer service relations opportunities in the United States. Our vision to continue to grow our work-at-home program is a strategic measure and a competitive advantage that we feel will continue to set us apart from the competition.

The overall logistics of the work-at-home program must be modified to ensure the success of the candidates that desire to service client customers from home. This program is a key objective to future growth for our organization. The vision demands continual training and innovation that will formulate an already client and customer friendly service to a business model that will expand to other areas of retail industries. The SWOTT analysis showed strength in the areas of intellectual property and a business model that has a focus on work-at-home moms.

These two objectives will be the driving force that will allow LLC to strengthen the profitability, efficiency and productivity of our clients. There is also an expectation for an increase in market share which will provide added incentives to our employees and management team. A key component of the SWOTT analysis is in the technological design of the latest equipment that will set the precedent moving forward for the industry. The knowledge that is required to implement the newer systems has always been an advantage for our management team.

Any threats from competitors will be thwarted by the increase in market share and the ability to implement and provide training for the newer systems which will be done in-house. Any strategic advantage that can be attained must be sustained. The SWOTT analysis can not be over emphasized nor should it be downplay the threats to an organization. It has been utilized as a tool that will give our organization the best internal analysis that shows what is possible internally in light of the external factors.

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