Marketing Plan Phase III

Last Updated: 29 Mar 2021
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Panera Bread would like to announce a new cyber-cafe available at all locations. This product has been upgraded to assist the growing desire for a full service Internet accessibility location. A plan consisting of four-phases has been developed to market the new product. Currently most locations provide free wireless Internet access to their customer base. Panera has the biggest free wireless network in the USA.

During the peak hours of business the customers’ will have a limit amount of time to use the Internet; the time limit is 30-60 minutes (Absolute Astronomy, 2011). However with the upgrade the locations will not have to limit the number of computers or a time limit.

Phase One

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  • Upgrade the Internet accessibility at all Panera Bread locations
  • Development of product – One in three households has never used a computer. 18% of American households do not own a computer or have Internet access (Absolute Astronomy, 2011).
  • SWOTT – An analysis of the cyber-cafe will find the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and trends in the market.
  •  Market Research – Panera Bread will distribute a survey to the company’s customer base that will lead to a better understanding of the consumer’s needs for Internet accessibility.

Phase Two

  • Marketing to Consumers
  • Target Market – Consumers between the age of 18-50
  • Consumers – Consumers want to access the Internet for various reasons such as keeping in touch with family, friends, accessing research data, and more. Competitors – Knowing the possible competitors and what they will offer.

Phase Three

  • Expectations of the New Cyber-cafe
  • Attributes –A larger server and reasonably priced cycle – Expected product life cycle for the cyber-cafe will be approximately 10 years. The reaction expected from competitors will cause a high incentive to duplicate Panera’s new era of cyber-cafes.
  • Strategy and Price – The basic strategy is to provide a need to the consumers of Panera Bread. The services cost will be in a price range that everyone can afford.

Phase Four

  • Launching the cyber-cafe
  • The new improved sever to handle the increase in volume
  • The product will be put into 10 different locations for testing the new service.

With the company following the four-phase plan, the management has high expectations for the cyber-cafe’s success. Panera Bread does not expect the service to start declining for at least six years.

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