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My Perfect Holiday

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Most countries have enough holidays for everyone to take brake from the work and spend time with their families. In U.S.A, we have ten official holidays. However, I believe that my new holiday, "Walking Day" would be very beneficial and should be added as eleventh national holiday. There are three important reasons that I think makes this holiday special, like any other.

First, walking is very good exercise and people should at least walk about 30 minutes every day, but unfortunately people all over the world are becoming busier with their lives every day. Studentsare studying much harder so that they can have better jobs and older people are working longer than ever before. As a result, people have less time to enjoy and to maintain their life style, including exercise. Due to lack of free time people are eating junk food from fast food restaurant and they are also increasing chances of developing heart disease. Many of these problems could be reduced by exercising more and walking is one of the best and simplest exercises for people.

Second, by walking, we can reduce air pollution and we could also protect the environment. As our standard of living is getting better people are putting more and more carbon dioxide and other harmful gases in to the atmosphere. As a result, we are polluting our environment and promoting global warming. Walking is the perfect way to reduce air pollution and it could also help us to save fossil fuels for next generation. People who drink and drive will also realize, how much vulnerable pedestrian feel when they choose to walk. Chances are they might never do the same again. Students who will decided to walk at school and collages, might get used to it and possibly we might not need parking lots at schools and collages any more. This could give extra place to students, who want to do sports activities after school.

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Finally, walking day could help people to slow down their pace and to enjoy their life. When we use automobiles, we don't feel how good weather is outside or how much good its feels to walk on a road surrounded by trees. Our new technology have helped us a lot but took the enjoyment of life, so I think walking day would help think in what a beautiful world we live in. Small changes in lives can bring many differences and walking day could also motivate students, to study harder. It could help people to make good decisions and not to find solution in drinking and other addictive joints.

Walking day will promote walking to close distance for work. People who work close by their home could walk and save money from both petrol and gym. If people do this for long period of time they could save good amount of money for their retirement. Walking day will also give students ti brake from school and will give time to enjoy their lives. Walking day would help family's to get together and talk about the benefits of walking and exercising. In conclusion, I believe this day would help may people to have a relaxing day and to spend more time outside. This experience would, effect what they do for the rest of the year in positive ways. Walking Day will also motivate, people to choose healthy. Like eating green vegetables and joining gym. I think walking day should be announced as a national holiday because of little benefits, it have. Some few little chances in over lives could change a lot of thing we do in our lives.

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