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If you could choose a holiday for yourself

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The first city I would love to see in India, is Delhi. It is the capital of India and is where most of the historical events take place. There is the Red Fort which is a famous historical monument in Delhi that was built during the last days of the McHugh Empire and the British Era. The Delhi Gate, built by Emperor Shah Johan, Is another must visit tourist attraction. The Gate links the New Delhi City with the old walled city of Delhi. And of course, the Quit Minor cannot be a miss!

Besides its vast history, there are many other tourist attractions one just experience in Delhi, like the narrow bazaars of old Delhi which gives a feel like you have wondered somewhere medieval. Deli's local street food is a must try. Deli's chat and Galapagos in the streets of old Delhi, is what would love to relish! The beautiful Tag Mall, in Agar, being one of the 7 wonders and located about three hours away from Delhi, cannot be missed. This is the world's most celebrated monument to love.

Almost sixty thousand people a day visit the Tag Mall. It is pink at dawn and dusk, dazzling white at noon and pearly silver by moonlight. Since I am a travel lover and it IS my desire to travel and explore the world, I would first want to travel around India as I am an Indian and this way can learn more about this land which has a rich culture full of history, religion, tradition and of course not to forget the variety of mouth watering cuisines in each state, Delhi and Agar being on top of my must - visit list!

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