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The summer holiday

After each term in school pupils have holidays.It Is cool to have holidays.You can do whatever you like and you don’t have to get up early.

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Most of all I like summer holidays because they are the longest ones. Last summer was very interesting for me. I don’t go to the seaside or somewhere abroad but I spent a good time with my family and my friends. In June I with my friends watched Euro 201 2 and we didn’t miss any match. It was a great event for Ukraine. And I think at that moment everybody believed In the victory.

In July I went to my grandmother who lives In the village. I had a very good time there, because I had an active rest. I got up early In the morning and worked In the vegetable garden. I helped my granny to water the vegetables and to take care of the plants. The days In the country passed very quickly. I had a lot of things to do every day. Sometimes I went to the forest. It Is not far from the village. There I picked up berries and mushrooms. In the evening I watched TV and read books.

August was not very special but it stuck in my memory because of the trip to the mountains with my father. It was very interesting and exciting. We made our trip on the Independence day. We started early in the morning, took some food and equipments. And in the afternoon we were on the tip of Hoverer. We made friends with a lot of people and made many photos. It was wonderful day. We had a very good time. Now my holidays are over and I am looking forward to the next ones. I suppose they will be much better.

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