What I Did Last School Holiday

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In the last school holidays, my family and I return village to celebrate the up coming days with relatives. My village is located in Penang. I think this year’s election is more fun than the previous years because of this feast, there will be a meaningful day for my aunt, the marriage ceremony. Men who successfully captured the hearts of my aunt come from Alor Gajah, Perak. Me, my family and relatives happy because my aunt already a men’s wife. Because of the wedding, I and relatives can gather together in the village.

When the feast ahead of the first day, me and my relatives went to the mosque as usual to perform the Eid prayers and listen to a sermon by the preacher. There are many important and meaningful knowledge can I get in sermon. I was touched and happy as many fellows Muslim went to mosque. After that, I, my family and relatives went to visit the grave of grandfather, uncle and relatives who had died. The tomb is near the mosque. In this area was clean, quiet and have green plants.

For the area are responsible maintaining guardians in the tomb. When we visited the grave will create awareness of ourselves and always remember the dead. We also visited the neighbour house. Due to the feast of the forth day, my aunt’s wedding, so on the second and third election, I and other relatives who are busy doing weddings preparation to ensure the event runs smoothly. We work together to do a job. Thank God, they are so sporting, cool, not resolved and selfless. They are also helpful to one another.

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Some of the work we all do is updating and decorating the house, cooking, boiled eggs, and packing goodies together. I’m happy with them as in busy condition, they are my relatives still managed to make me and my relatives laugh with their joke. In the forth feast, a historic day for my aunt my new uncle’s recently has come to say, their wedding. The mother of my aunt and also my grandmother definitely felt happy to get law and felt sad too because her youngest daughter become my new uncle owned.

On that day, everyone without exception had been given the task to be performed for the success of the event so smoothly and orderly. I and one of the relatives are asks to give goodies to the guest that present at the ceremony. There are many guests present at the event and surrounding quite lively. Thank God, during the event, everything smoothly with what is planned. The feast of the fifth and sixth, I, my family and relatives carry life like a normal person. Sometimes, we also managed to visit interest places in Penang. At least, hat we spend time with seeking knowledge and get new experiences. In the seventh feast, we make trip go to Alor Gajah, Perak to attend a wedding in the house of my new uncle. When all business was completed, I and my relatives back to our own house. My family and I travel to our house at Kompleks Penjara Sg. Buloh. The travel takes in four to five hours. Thank God, our travel smooth and does not happen something undesirable. I’m happy can spend holiday times with family and relatives. Hopefully, we can go to village and with my relatives again.

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