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MMSD Food Service Case Study The Madison Metropolitan School District in Madison, Wisconsin has gone through lots of modifications since the year 1965. They have grown in different ways such as proportions, and also changed the meals programs, consolidated in certain areas, and contracted with other programs.

They have gotten missed on some budgets, and have gained and lost money, they have even had different sets of rules and politics that they have dealt with. But even as the challenges have come and the changes are continuously made there is a constant (if at sometimes slow) positive and steady progress There are many tips to make towards the food service production manager of the Madison Metropolitan School District.

First, it is so important for them to stay up with the times and also with the politics involving school food service. This can play a pivotal role in several ways starting with things like how long children are given to eat their meals and even how clean the school eating area are there are also guidelines that need to be followed when it comes to the actual nutrition of the food.

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Second, staying with the times and knowing what the current food trends for breakfast, lunch, and also all of the options for items offered individually can help tremendously in avoiding unsatisfied “customers” or children The last suggestion that I would make would be to pay attention to the current economy to ensure they will find the best staff at a decent cost, volunteers could also help in this area. If these suggestions were put into use it would be a greater long-term advantage to the MMSD.

The impact from the current economic and political conditions on MMSD in the future will mainly concentrate on cost and health or nutrition. The industry does want to offer healthier choices for the students but these healthier options often come at a greater cost and this can have a huge economical impact on the MMSD. The political influence changing and making new laws, having to worry with childhood obesity, and regulating diet will impact MMSD it will be difficult to stay on the right track and with the new regulations and rules and still be economically sound with the added cost of more nutritious options. Madison Metropolitan School District comes with an open foodservice program. This open system features a mixture of business “inputs” and “outputs” concentrating on economic, psychological, and sociological factors (Payne-Palacio, 2005)”. This technique can also be interdependent through the impacts and interactions it has using the environment. These types of inputs include money, raw materials, time, equipment, amenities, and personnel. The outputs would be the completed products; a la carte items, well prepared meals, and catered events. Mission Statement -

Madison Metropolitan School District is focused providing all of its students with nutritious and appealing food options in a safe, clean and attractive atmosphere. Our staff is deeply devoted to working together with each other and the students to guarantee that each of the students has nutritious means and that we also make and keep an efficient plan in place that remains economically sound. MMSD Foodservice Program Illustration – Together with the Madison Metropolitan School District being so disseminate to service all 40 individual schools, you will definitely find some challenges present in the food safety area.

Thankfully there is a science related meal specialist that is used by the school district that works round the clock full time to help put into use and utilize and asses programs along with the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP). The main and most important concern is proper food handling techniques. Using the high turnover and also the language barrier due to a diversified staff, training gets a challenge. The MMSD has set up their very own requirements of successfully completing the SERVSAFE food safety course by most if not all their employees.

This can help in ensuring every employee is properly trained. Additionally, they've taken precautionary steps with products to lessen the chance of pathogens within the operation. The meals service for MMSD serves mainly an extremely susceptible population since most of their customers are children. To be able to assist in lowering the risks towards the children, the meals safety manager must adapt their recipes to satisfy HACCP principles. The first process should begin with those recipes including raw eggs, poultry, meat, as well as dairy food (Payne-Palacio, 2005).

MMSD does not permit any kind of raw meats brought into their facilities that they are taking the proper and highest precautions and doing their best to ensure the safety of the food and in turn the safety of the children they are serving. As being a new quality control manager at MMSD, the evaluation procedure for the present cleaning program is actually a challenge. The very first suggestion is always to discuss with the representatives of laboratories and also have them supply you with the training or the employees so that the information can be taught and carried on to other employees.

The schools that don't possess a current cleaning program in place most likely don't have dish washing machines and are the primary schools which only receive pre-packs in disposable containers or things like individually packaged fruit cups, yogurt, cartons of milk or packages of crackers. This doesn't mean they just don't need to find out how you can properly clean other locations employees need to know what the proper techniques are for all locations whether or not they have pre packaged foods or the foods are prepared on site.

Procedures need to be setup including guidelines and rules as to temperature of water, detergents, surface being washed, what things to use to wash it, and what's being removed. This method will include every surface food touches. The foodservice program at MMSD has several unique characteristics which have to be taken into account when planning their menus. Some of the most important areas and aspects are cost and food selection popularity (Payne-Palacio, 2005), but they're only some of the points to consider.

Using the diversity from the make-up from the school types, the initial characteristics also change. The elementary schools have to meet particular USDA nutrient options, whereas middle schools or high schools may be used as the standard food for other schools to follow. Some other things that need to be considered are food options as well as ongoing support from the surrounding community. The Wisconsin Homegrown Lunch project is really a unique program concentrating on including locally grown foods. It's a direct effect on not merely the schools and also the farmers, however the community in general.

The decision by MMSD to change some of its vendors within the program from the competitive bid method will still come with some problems and issues as with any program. The main concern is the costs and whether or not they become too much in time. Inflation can be an issue, but regular auditing from the invoices is going to be essential for the school to execute. Also there is the concern of receiving 60 to 80% of the product from only one single supplier. The question is what will happen if there is an issue with a certain supplier especially if the main source is one upplier. The procedure to acquire a new and reliable supplier(s) could take months and become a challenging task to beat. There are also some unique factors that could impact even the very best vendor agreement using the kinds of meals that are purchased and sought after by the MMSD. Using the cook/chill production system consistency within the ingredients in addition to space for storage, transportation including the time and distance of travel, and preparation time are normal and predictable considerations.

Using the USDA meal program for breakfast and lunch the concern will be using the nutritional integrity with the food in line with the regulations established. Finally, with meals packed in aluminum containers the price of them along with the integrity might be sacrificed. “The best vendor agreement would need to assure every one of the requirements with the MMSD in addition with the USDA tend to be upheld. ” A Food Production Center (FPC) administrator must possess expert qualities and skills to operate effectively with maintenance.

The fundamental skills associated with an administrator include multi tasking, organization, the ones skills. They are exactly the same inside the FPC. However, you will find innovative skills needed at the same time. A fundamental understanding as well as knowledge of the organization is essential. Having the ability to ahead want to prevent issue is important when confronted with perishable items. Understanding how to correctly rotate stock and get ready for the upcoming days will make sure frozen products tend to be thawed and ready when they're needed.

When cooking large amounts of food that will be consumed by a large number of individuals there will be the need to find adjustments that may require some changes to the recipes sustain the require a cook/chill program. The quantity of wet and dry ingredients will have to be adjusted to take into account the elevated moisture within the blast chiller. Quite often the product isn't cooked throughout because the process will finish within the final heating. In addition, the finishing touches might not be contained in the dish.

Often circumstances arise inside the individual cooking targets causing conflicts together in places like the MMSD Food Production Center. The issues could include meals with both cold and hot products, variations in cooking times, in addition to a specific temperature. Through an appropriate flow of food sequence for just about any particular days work will alleviate the issues before they come up. While preparing new recipes for the MMSD there will need to be a focus on getting the students active in the sensory analysis have both benefits and drawbacks.

The professionals range from the acceptance from the consumer thus guaranteeing the sale from the item, consumer feedback to alter what exactly is not appropriate and ruling out what exactly is not wanted before a lot of time and expenditure was wasted about it. The cons are which the students usually are not experienced in the nutritional requirements; they're basing their analysis on flavor and aesthetics alone. And also the have no idea your budget restraints; numerous recommendations usually are not feasible.

Students will be pleased with pizza every single day. Inside the Madison Metropolitan School District mealtime must run successfully and effectively. Meals contain a cool pack, a hot pack, and carton of milk that the student bunch and carry towards the dining tables you can eat. Because there are more and more students released at 10 minute intervals to be fed, you will find some challenges. Timing may be the first challenge. The hot packs have to be ready for each and every number of students because they are released and can't be too hot or too cold.

The lines should also move efficiently since the students take a mainly short time to consume their meals and might also have recess. Teachers should also make certain they release their students when needed. Releasing students too soon or too late could lead to a back-up within the cafeteria. Finally, space and also equipment requirements should be present to take care of the availability of meals served at each and every school. Flow of food from Receiving to Delivery – Equipment Classification –

Cooking Non-cookingDish washing Service Equipment Production Equipment Equipment Equipment Combination Oven20-Quart MixerPan WasherBox Baler Range/OvenFood ProcessorDisposerCan Crusher 2-Burner RangeSlicerPackaging Machine Convection Ovens Can Opener Fryer80-Gallon Steam Kettle Rotary Rack Oven100- Gallon Steam Kettle Booster Heater40-Quart Steam Kettle ProoferTilting Braising Pan By looking at the above list of equipment, it may seem that the menu offered through the MMSD facility is really a semi-selective menu.

Using the quantity of ovens, number of kettles, in addition to mixers and fryers, I would also consider a number of food choices in a number of different food groups. In identifying the quantity of solid waste generated through the MMSD, would recommend a waste audit. Considering the variety of items currently being recycled needing to sort through precisely what is left over to find out each category will be expensive and incredibly time intensive. The audit can give accurate data for the specific requirements of MMSD.

MMSD foodservice can help to eliminate the quantity of waste manufactured by exploring other available choices for recycling, particularly the aluminum cans and cardboard milk cartons. They might also consider using silverware rather than plastic ware. This could reduce waste, but might be expensive with regards to cleaning and sanitizing the utensils. Finally, I'd start discussing and recommending and teaching elementary students the importance of recycling with in the class room in which they could then put that information to good use and example during their meal times overall, the present recycling practices at MMSD are great.

The very fact they recycle oil and food waste as well as the cardboard and cans is a great asset to them in the short and long term. I think a great idea would be to see if there is any way to reuse the oil or find other ways to “use the waste to avoid further landfill usage. References – Payne-Palacio, June and Theis, Monica (2005) Introduction to Foodservice, Tenth Edition, Prentice Hall http://www. localharvest. org/wisconsin-homegrown-lunch-program-farm-to-school-M11038 http://www. wisconsinlocalfood. com/Wisc%20homegrown%20lunch. htm

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