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Why I Want to Join the National Honor Society

The National Honor Society recognizes students who are outstanding in scholarship, service, leadership and character. It would not only be an honor to be selected to take a part of this organization, but also a privilege. I always strive to lead in every activity I …

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A Discussion of the Importance of Being a Member of the National Honor Society

It is difficult to find a High School student that has the qualities of good character, being a good leader, and willing to do service for the community. The reason is because so many students have one of these qualities but not the other two. …

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A Speech by the Vice-President of the Huntington High School National Honor Society

I would like to be the Vice-President of the Huntington High School National Honor Society. The main reason I chose to run for Vice-President instead of running for President is because I have several extracurricular activities that would prevent me from giving my undivided attention …

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The Role of Scholarship in the National Honor Society

It is a great privilege to be one of the students given the opportunity to be in the National Honor Society. To tell the truth, I have been looking forward to this moment since I graduated as a member of Arista in middle school. The …

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A Personal Statement of Being Inducted to the National Honor Society

I’d be very honored to be inducted to the National Honor Society, and I think I have earned my place. During my years at the high school thus far, I have shown my willingness to work hard in order to achieve my goals. I believe …

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An Introduction to the Work of National Honor Society

Getting inducted into National Honor Society, an organization founded on the principles of character, scholarship, leadership, and service, would be a great honor. In addition National Honor Society has been a tradition in schools for several years. Working hard to be recognized, students apply much …

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National Honor Society Focus on Helping Others in Their Fear of Rejection

To be or not to be, an independent thinker? People such as William Shakespeare, and Edgar Allen Poe were independent thinkers. Poe, the master of style, was the type of person who stood out. He was the first to look into the deep corners of …

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An Application Paper to the National Honor Society

The standards for entrance into the National Honor Society are scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Through this paper I will strive to prove. That I possess all of these qualities, and moreover. That I am qualified for entrance into an organization as prestigious as the …

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An Overview of the Student Representing the National Honor Society

A student that represents the National Honors Society should be well rounded in the areas of academics, leadership, character and service. I feel that I am one of these students. I surpass the requirement for academics by maintaining more than an eighty-eight grade point average …

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Facts About the National Honor Society

The National Honor Society is a society for leaders and has been established since 1921. I too, am a leader in society and feel that my leadership accomplishments and goals would reflect off National Honor Society. I would love to be a part of the …

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