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Fast Food and Healthy Food

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Life today is not like how it was before. Along time ago, people ate foods that were field with balanced amount of nutrients value. Not with chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors which are known as Fast Foods. Long days of working and training effects our choices for food, a meal from nearest fast food restaurant becomes most appealing idea. Most of people who eat junk food more frequent don't know its bad effect on their body which can be prevented if they use more healthy alternatives .

Although, we consume both of them as food, yet they are majorly different. Fast food remains extremely popular, despite their unhealthy impact to our body. However, there are many reasons to try to make healthier choices. Eating junk food as a primary method of nourishment will lead to diseases and illness because your body is being deprived from its needed nutrias. While, by eating healthy you are strengthening your body and giving it proper nutrients to defend it in a time of illness .

While, Obesity, diabetic, Hypertension, cancer and other chronic diseases are highly related to fast food. It has more calories on average meal than healthy food do, leading to greater weight gain and illnesses. It is important to watch carefully what you eat, especially at fast food restaurant. Knowing the nutritional content is very important. Beware of the processed and fast foods that have long ingredient list you can hardly pronounce Junk foods are loaded with lots of sugar, salt and worst types of fat .

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Healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grain, lean meat and fish provides a balanced amount of nutrients . They are by definition nutrient-rich, with vitamins, Minerals and fiber that benefit your body. If you are trying your best to be healthy it is essential to find food that will treat your body well . Healthy food helps you focused and make you more productive. It provide not only energy source for your body , but also makes your body performs in its optimum .

Because, junk foods are heavily full with fat they slow down your metabolism and make you lazy . it will leave you tired and do not supply your body with proper nutrient needed to function adequate . Thus, the next time you think about burger, pizza or chips just think about the harm they can do to your body over a period of time. Do not give in temptation instead eat fruits and vegetable, nourish your body with vitamins and fiber. Remember if you eat well you will feel and look well.

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