Food Insecurity in The Presence of Nutritious Food

Last Updated: 04 Jan 2023
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Health is a powerful tool that every individual living in society needs in order to live a healthy life, not only being physical but also psychologically, emotionally and mentally. Health is defined as “wealth”, meaning good health care is mostly provided to prosperous people which I believe is unfair because each individual needs to be taken care of any health issues they're going through for a healthy living. There is a saying that, “When proper health care is given to only the wealthy people, you save just one person but when everyone is given better health care, you save the world”. This is because the community is not meant for only one person and if someone has health difficulties is most likely that the other person may be affected. Therefore we all need each other's support to promote our health.

Urban health is defined as “the study of the health of urban population” which includes the description of the health of the urban population and understanding the determinants of population health in cities. In urban communities, some traits are large in size and high density of the population. The urban population is higher as compared to rural communities, urban communities have a huge diversity with a lot of people from different races such as Africans, Asians, and Mexicans. Also, there is a form of social hierarchy in urban communities such as the rich and the poor.

In my community, the Bronx. The Bronx suffers from a lot of health issues which include obesity, causing cardiovascular disease, and other chronic health issues. This is because they fail to live a healthy lifestyle and consume healthy balanced food with high nutrients. In the Bronx community, most people tend to visit fast-food restaurants because it is affordable, accessible food they can get each and every day. As a result of the accessibility, eating healthy meals is not even part of their healthy life. I have lived in this urban area for the past 6 years and ever since I came to this community I have witnessed a lot of people visiting fast food daily such as Mcdonalds, Burger King, and Popeyes.

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Obesity in my community is very important to address because the percentage of obese people living in the Bronx community keeps on increasing each and every year due to food insecurity. Food insecurity refers to us as uncertain availability of nutritious food due to lack of money and other resources. This problem is being affected by “14.5% of households in 2012”. Food insecurity with hunger exits when meals are skipped or decreased in size due to a lack of resources to purchase adequate quantity or quality of food. For those who are often food insecure, during periods of adequate food availability, there may be the overconsumption of high calories, energy-dense food, which may result in metabolic changes, such as insulin resistance, that predispose individuals to obesity.

Studies have shown that in a “low-income population”, food insecurity is associated with obesity-related to cardiovascular risk such as hypertension, dyslipidemia, and diabetes”. The disparities of obesity is that most of the time people are unable to control their emotion, and as a result, they eat a lot because they believe that eating too much will help them to forget about their issue. Also, guilt plays a role in the disparities of obesity because most of the time, people feel guilty that they have been fat their whole life and what is done cannot be changed. As a result, they accept it and continue eating to forget about their guilt.

To avoid this problem, we need scientific advancements that decrease the rate of obesity. First and foremost, we need smartwatches, this is because our health is very important to us and having a smartwatch will help individuals to be motivated and stay fit to live a better life or healthy life. Secondly, the application called “sweatcoin” should be advertised so people will be exposed more to the way of living a better life. This “sweat coin'' is a great app that rewards each and everyone due to the exercise they did in a day, motivates every individual to work hard and all their accomplishments will be rewarded greatly. To sum up, everyone loves free things and great deals and if this application is advertised more a lot of people will join this application and there will be a great change in obesity people's life due to using this application every day to exercise.

Also, the government must come up with strict rules in society to reduce the obesity rate. For instance, students in school must take a gym class at least three times a day to stay physically active and improve their metabolism, also they should banned or close all fast food restaurant so individuals will not think about buying unhealthy food and also make organic food cheap for everyone to be able to purchase and promote healthy lifestyle, upon all the strict rule to they can motivate people to work hard, avoid buying supplement to lose weight fast instead of exercising daily to be fit and avoiding future side effects.

I believe that all this policy will be effective because the government has been working on it. For instance, watching the documentary about “where American stand on obesity”, the doctors tried to figure out why the kids are obese in order to help them with their peroblem. The government then went ahead to take their problem into consideration to open gyms in school for students to work out to reduce their weight and indeed most of the kids were able to lose their excess weight. So based on this testimony, free access to the gym will help young kids out to live a healthy life and avoid any disease later in life.

Living a healthy life should always be our dream as humans because, it will help us to live longer and prevent us from getting any disease later in life which will greatly affect us, leading to reducing our life p. Losing weight is not an easy thing but if individuals are being educated about ways to live a healthy life at a young age and are trained to eat not to overeat. There is a high possibility not to find any obese person in the urban world. We all need each other's support, therefore we should motivate each other to live a healthy lifestyle.

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