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Food Habits Changing After Food, Inc

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The documentary Food, Inc was created to show viewers what is being put on their plates and has given me an altered view towards the food industry which has drastically changed my food habits. Many emotional scenes were shown on this film to give viewers empathy towards the problem that is occurring. The documentary shows many vivid details and explains what is in the food that consumers eat. The film food, Inc influenced my habits of consumption by eating organic meats, purchasing most foods in the farmers market, and checking for food labels. I have learned that there is a big difference in organic and non-organic meats.

Animals raised organically are not allowed to be fed antibiotics or other drugs and cannot eat genetically modified foods. Eating organic meats is not only helping animals but also preventing the consumer from a possible disease outbreak that may occur due to the mistreatment of animals. The meat comes from a sustainable farm that uses the manure productively as organic fertilizer. The manure is “pure,” coming from animals fed an organic diet which ensures consumers that there will not be any exposure to chemicals. Consumers feel safe knowing that the certified organic meat won’t hurt them in the long-run.

Going to a farmers’ market helps consumers because everything is fresh, locally grown, and certified organic which gives the buyer no doubts. When purchasing meat from an organic farm stand at a farmer’s market, consumers support that farm. On the other hand, buying non-organic meat that isn’t local, free-range, or ranch-raised from a supermarket chain will most likely support a multinational food corporation. After the experience change in some of the famers’ supermarkets, I also started realizing the foods tasted better and after eating, I felt lighter and full at the same time.

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I also saw that costs were higher than the farmers’ markets but it truly made a difference to purchase organic produce and meats. It decreased health risks like diabetes and obesity. Food labels are essential to consumers because they stay alert with what they eat everywhere they go. I have always wondered how many calories are in the food in restaurants as well as other types of foods that I buy at the grocery store. Most restaurants don’t list the actual nutritional value of their food which is why it’s important for consumers’ to remember to check and be aware of what is going to be in their bodies.

The film transmits this message to its viewers by showing consumers foods that have glucose and Trans fat than expected. There can be many ingredients or a high number of calories that a consumer may not know about but after looking at a label, it will give the consumer peace of mind or change their mind on whether they will eat it or not. Food, Inc helped me realize and understand that it’s critical for consumers to be cautious about how different foods can affect their overall health. This led me to change some of my eating habits such as buying organic meats, which helped me choose my foods wisely.

Being aware lets consumers like me stay healthy. Food, Inc taught me a lot about buying organic animal products because it’s better for health, the community, and it can also benefit consumers in the long-run. I would recommend that all consumers watch this film and understand the positive aspects of it because it gives some critical points about the food industry and backs them up with evidence. Food is important for the body and it helps an individual survive every day, but it can also be deadly. It’s all about making the right decisions when it comes to the consumers’ food habits.

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