Miracles in a Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Last Updated: 21 Dec 2022
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A Little Princess is a touching novel written by Frances Hodgson Burnettiaa famous novelist and dramatist. It obviously contains lots of fancied plots, but the pans it talks about creating miracles can really reach the bottom of my heart. The book can bring me into a world that is more than reality while reading it. The extraordinary story makes me ponder a lot and gives me a deep impression that every girl can be a princess. In my opinion, it is impossible for every rich girl to act like a well-behaved princess, but Sara, the hero of the novel, did itl She was an imaginative little girl who had such an intelligent small face and such perfect manners. Sara was a very nice girl who had a gentle, appreciative ways of saying, such as 1°lf you please: (“Thank youi: which was very charming.

So, not only her teachers and classmates liked her, but also her servants liked her. There was a time when Sara became a poor and pitiful servant insulted by the snobbish headmaster of the school. In spite of this, she had never complained to anyone about the horrible suffering she had endured, Sara was confident, brave, optimistic and kindhearted just like before and she had never given up her enthusiasm of life. No matter when, Sara acted like a princess, and on account of this, she had accomplished a GREat deal of miracles over and over again.

After reading this outstanding book, I was shocked by Sara, a little girl who suffered such unimaginable pain and tortures, but still had an oppoSite attitude towards life. What impresses me most is that Sara put on her act of being a princess when she wore thin bottom shoes, wading in the street of London, From my point of view, her spirit of being so strong-minded when she was in hard times is worth admiring. Truly, every girl is a princess coming into common life. the i°princessii I mean is not a princess IiVing in the palace and being regarded as the apple of eveiyonefs eye. As the matter of fact, the i“princessi: is at heart.

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I am in the belief that every ordinary girl in the world can be a princess. The way for a girl to be a princess is quite simple. Just suppose! You can suppose yourself to be a princess, and go about your business confidently without caring how the others would treat you. If you want to have more resemblance to a princess, be more kind and try your best to help the people in need. The most important thing you are supposed to do is that to feel like a real princess at any occasion, particularly when you are involved With enormous melancholy, Do not feel the conditions you faced are extremely wretched and attempt to get rid of the feeling of hopelessness and uneasiness. The less you look like a princess, the more you need to feel like a princess at heart.

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