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Select one of the choices from below (quotes from various chapters In Outliers book). Organization of paper: Typed 12 point Times New Roman font, MEAL format regarding header, title, and parenthetical citations 2 pages in length Dates: Work on paper in class (computer lab) Monday, …

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Adoption – Outliers: the Story of Success

19 October 2012 Outliers: The Story of Success Published in 2008, Outliers: The Story of Success is Malcolm Gladwell’s third consecutive best-selling nonfiction book, following Tipping Point (2000) and Blink (2005). While Tipping Point focuses on the individual’s ability to effect change in society, Outliers …

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What is an outlier essay?
Malcolm Gladwell wrote the bestseller Outliers in 2008, which is called an Outliers essay. The full title of this book is... Outliers. It covers many examples of extraordinary achievement in various areas of human endeavor, such as law, music, and business.
What is the thesis of outliers?
The central thesis of this book is that while talent, practice and hard work are necessary for success but early advantage in life and privileged social standing are what really make the outliers.

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