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How to Adapt Melville’s “Bartleby the Scrivener” for Film

The two existing adaptations of Herman Melville’s short story “Bartleby the Scrivener,” released in 1970 and 2001, show two legitimate interpretations of this dense, strange story. The 1970 version, starring John McEnrey as Bartleby, elects to prioritize the drabness of Bartleby’s laconic take on life …

Bartleby The Scrivener
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Bartleby the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street

Bartleby the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street is one of the most famous short stories written by world renowned author Herman Melville. John Self in his article in The Asylum describes the book as a keystone of modern literature. Published anonymously in November and …

Bartleby The ScrivenerWall Street
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Connection between `Bartleby the Scrivener` and Wall Street

The main character, namely Bartleby has been portrayed by the author as a weird person who is also an outcast. He is an overwhelmingly dejected and friendless man, who seems absolutely not capable of finding work that will keep him happy. He does not even …

Bartleby The ScrivenerWall Street
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The Call of “Bartleby the Scrivener” and “Young Goodman Brown”

Authors truly have endless opportunities as far as creating effects is concerned. They can create effects by what they say and they also can create effects by what they do not say, or what their characters do not do. In 19th century American literature, we …

Bartleby The ScrivenerTranscendentalismTruthYoung Goodman Brown
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Bartleby the Scrivener

Bartleby is employed in the narrative not merely or not really as a character but more of a representation or symbol. Bartleby’s character can be compared with another character made by Melville, Moby Dick. The reason for such comparison and at some point similarities between …

Bartleby The Scrivener
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Bartleby the Scrivener by Herman Melville

This short story entitled “Bartleby the Scrivener” by Herman Melville gave as an idea about the several interesting characters with many poles apart personalities. But the one that was caught our attention was Bartleby. This man was a scrivener, which, in simple words, was a …

Bartleby The Scrivener
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"Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street" is a short story by the American writer Herman Melville, first serialized anonymously in two parts in the November and December 1853 issues of Putnam's Magazine and reprinted with minor textual alterations in his The Piazza Tales in 1856.
Originally published

December 1853


Nippers, Ginger Nut, Turkey , Bartleby, The Narrator


Short story




Herman Melville


Number of pages: 42

Frequently asked questions

What is the bartleby the scrivener?
Bartleby the Scrivener is a short story by Herman Melville about a scrivener who worked in a dead-letter office. The story's narrator, an unnamed lawyer, hires Bartleby, a scrivener, to help with the copying of legal documents. Bartleby soon becomes a model employee, working diligently and without complaint. However, one day Bartleby abruptly announces that he would prefer not to" do any more work. The lawyer is baffled by this response and Bartleby's refusal to explain himself, but he decides to tolerate Bartleby's eccentric behavior.The lawyer's tolerance is put to the test, however, when Bartleby begins to refuse to do any work at all, simply sitting in the office and staring at the wall. The lawyer tries to reason with Bartleby and even offers to help him find another job, but Bartleby remains obstinate. The situation deteriorates to the point where the other workers in the office begin to complain about Bartleby's presence, and the lawyer is forced to have him ejected from the premises.The story ends with the lawyer reflecting on Bartleby's enigmatic behavior and puzzling over the meaning of his words, "I would prefer not to.""
How to write bartleby the scrivener essay?
There are a few things to keep in mind when writing a Bartleby the Scrivener essay. First, it is important to understand the story and its characters. Second, it is important to have a clear thesis or argument that you are trying to make. And third, it is important to support your thesis with evidence from the story itself.When it comes to understanding the story, it is helpful to read it more than once. This will allow you to catch all of the nuances and symbols that Melville includes. As you read, take notes on what you think is important and what you think could be interpreted in different ways.Your thesis should be something that you can support with evidence from the story. For example, you could argue that Bartleby's refusal to do work is a symbol of the way that society crushes the individual. Or, you could argue that Bartleby's work as a scrivener is a metaphor for the way that people are controlled by the systems they live in.Once you have your thesis, you need to find evidence to support it. This evidence can come in the form of quotes, descriptions of events, or character analysis. You will want to make sure that your evidence is clear and convincing, so that your reader can see why you are making the argument you are making.If you follow these tips, you should be able to write a Bartleby the Scrivener essay that is both insightful and well-argued.
How to start bartleby the scrivener essay?
Depending on the focus of your essay, you may want to begin by providing a brief summary of the novella, introducing the main characters, and outlining the central conflict. Alternatively, you could begin by discussing the novella's themes, such as the loneliness of urban life or the tensions between work and leisure. Whichever approach you take, make sure to develop your ideas in a clear and logical manner.
What Is One Of The Main Themes Of "bartleby The Scrivener"?
The main themes of Bartleby the Scrivener" are work, isolation, and humanity. The story is primarily about Bartleby's work as a scrivener, or copyist, and how his increasing desire to not do his work leads to his isolation from the other characters. As Bartleby isolates himself, the narrator begins to sympathize with him and see him as a human being, rather than just a copy machine. The story raises questions about the nature of work, and whether it is truly fulfilling or just a way to pass the time. It also asks whether humans are capable of truly connecting with each other, or if we are all ultimately alone."

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