Essays on Fiction

Essays on Fiction

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How does Northanger Abbey satirise gothic literature?

The novel, ‘Northanger Abbey’, is a satire of gothic literature written by Jane Austen between 1798 and 1799 during the era when gothic literature and romanticism were very popular. The novel is a direct parody of Ann Radcliffe’s ‘Mysteries of Udolpho’ and several other popular …

FictionGothic Literature
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Pages 5
Women in Gothic Literature

“In Gothic Literature women are often portrayed as characters that actively resist their gender stereotypes” In the light of this comment, discuss the different ways in which Angela Carter in The Bloody Chamber and Charlotte Brontë in Jane Eyre present women in Gothic Literature. In …

FictionGothic LiteratureNovel
Words 1105
Pages 5
Lost Ethos and Dreams in Arundhati Roy’s Writings

“Fiction and non-fiction are only different techniques of storytelling. For reasons I do not fully understand, fiction dances out of me. Non-fiction is wrenched out of by the aching, broken world I wake up to every morning”. Arundhati Roy in ‘Come September’ Arundhati Roy’s first …

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Vampires: World Myths & Legends

Creatures of the night, drinkers of blood, the scourge of the living, vampires From Dracula to Twilight, vampires have been a pervasive part of our culture for decades and a part of folklore for centuries beyond that, from campfire stories to novels, films, comics and …

Words 544
Pages 3
Romeo’s tragedy downfall essay

Romeo and juliet is a very tragic story because two people that are in love were supposed to hate each other, but instead love each other, they are so in love that they do stuff without even thinking. Which all leads to death at the …

FictionRomeo and JulietTragedy
Words 309
Pages 2
The Story of an Hour and a Sorrowful Woman: the Plight of Women

The Story of an Hour and A Sorrowful Woman: the plight of women From time to time, marriage is not always bring happiness to a couple, also makes a couple to be imprisoners with the commitment. The marital bonds of intimacy, respect, and trust must …

A Sorrowful WomanFiction
Words 626
Pages 3
Jekyll and Hyde Essay Introduction and Para 1

I am going to write an essay on Robert Louis Stevenson’s supernatural story, the strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, which was the inspiration for lots of modern movies showing dual nature of mankind e. g. The Hulk, Two Face and The Nutty …

FictionJekyll and Hyde
Words 543
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Nonfiction Reaction

“Salvation” by Langston Hughes “Who Will Light the Incense When Mother’s Gone? ” By Andrew Lam Nonfiction Reaction University of Phoenix ENG/125 Jill Greene Nonfiction Reaction “Salvation” by Langston Hughes Langston Hughes, author of the nonfiction short story “Salvation,” was born James Mercer Langston Hughes …

Words 1360
Pages 6
Fiction and Post-modernism

Post-Modernism is similar to Modernism because in many respects the two movements are similar. Post-Modernism simply means that a new generation concluded, as its elders had done, that there are no certainties and that life has no meaning beyond what we can impose upon it. …

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Aunt Polly in Huck Finn

In the book Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, Aunt Polly is a minor character but her role is very important. She is Tom Sawyer’s aunt and also his guardian. Aunt Polly is a sharp woman who tries to keep Tom Sawyer and Huck …

Words 438
Pages 2
Fables in Different Cultures

Common type of story is the fable, which presents a moral, or lesson about human behavior. Fables usually feature animals behaving and speaking as humans. Among the most widely known are those from the ancient Sanskrit Pancatantra (Five Chapters), which was first written down in …

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Character Anne Elliot Analysis

Jane Austin explores the character Anne Elliot, a 27- year-old unappreciated and self-sacrificing woman dealing with the emotional consequences of a returned love that she had been persuaded to reject in marriage seven years earlier. Austin exposes Anne as a timid and self-sacrificing character, her …

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Jordan Baker

Not all houses can be the centre of attending where everyone wants to party at that place on Saterday darks. The houses that can make this are ever filled up people and are ever throwing partys that keep the bangs traveling non halt. The house …

FictionLiteratureThe Great Gatsby
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Characterizing Mrs. Bennet

Who is Mrs. Bennet? While Mrs. Bennet speaks to her husband we can see many of the same characterizations through what he says in response. As far as the Mrs. being a gossip, it is clear that Mr. Bennet has heard his fair share of …

Essay ExamplesFiction
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Psychological Terror in “the Minister’s Black Veil”

I think that, as a general rule, humans love to categorize things. We like to organize things. We like things to fit into our neat, little organized view of reality, whether it’s a can of soup we buy, a movie we watch, or a person …

Words 1552
Pages 7


Can a novel be an essay?
An essay's primary purpose is to inform. ... Novelists use many of the same techniques for writing essays as they do for novels, such descriptive writing and personal narrations to support their points.
What are the examples of fiction?
All fiction genres can include mysteries, science fictions, romance, fantasy or chick lit. To Kill a Mockingbird from Harper Lee, A Tale of Two Cities and 1984 by George Orwell, Pride and Prejudice and Jane Austen are all examples of classic fiction.
Can a narrative essay be fictional?
Narrative writing, also known as fiction, is often based in imaginative events and stories that never actually happened. ... However, some nonfiction can actually tell a tale, which would qualify it as narrative writing. Nonfiction is a story that tells a story, and must include actual people and events.

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