Essays on Chrysalids

Essays on Chrysalids

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The Chrysalids: Uncle Axle Character Sketch

In the novel The Chrysalids, Axel Strorm—David Strorm’s Uncle—is described as “a cripple. ” (24). They live in Waknuk, Labrador; a community with very unique and bizarre laws and religions. As you read through chapters 1-8 you see his traits prevail. You also learn that …

CharacterCharacter SketchChrysalids
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The Chrysalids Essay (How Characters React in Desperate Moments)

Characters Reactions in Moments of Desperation in The Chrysalids People react differently in moments of desperation. There are generally many different kinds of reactions towards moments of desperation in the world. Joseph Strorm and David Strorm (his son) had different reactions in moments of desperation. …

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The Chrysalids: A Science Fiction Novel

“It’s often said that Science Fiction is the literature of change. ” (Treitel). When a society is going through a period in which they develop many new technologies, science fiction stories often emerge. The feelings and fears of that society are expressed in science fiction. …

ChrysalidsScienceScience Fiction
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Themes of Satire, Justice, Humanity, and Trust in The Chrysalids

The Chrysalids, by John Wyndham is a story about a world where people will not accept differences, whether it is physical, psychological or spiritual. There are many themes in this story. A major theme is satire. David’s society is “mocking” our society, in real life. …

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The Chrysalids

The Chrysalids We humans have a wide array of emotions. Some are rarely felt and others can dominate our lives. Fear is an example of the latter. Despite what we may think, fear controls the way you live your life. It gives you a sense …

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The Chrysalids is a science fiction novel by British writer John Wyndham, first published in 1955 by Michael Joseph. It is the least typical of Wyndham's major novels, but regarded by some as his best. An early manuscript version was entitled Time for a Change.
Originally published



Uncle Axel, David Strorm, Joseph Strorm


Science fiction




Cover artist: Spencer Wilson

Frequently asked questions

What is the message of The Chrysalids?
The Chrysalids is a novel by John Wyndham that was first published in 1955. The book is set in a future world that has been devastated by nuclear war. The survivors have formed a society that is based on the rigid enforcement of strict rules of conformity. Any deviation from these rules is seen as a threat to the stability of the society and is harshly punished. The novel follows the story of a group of young people who have been born with abnormal" features that make them different from the rest of society. These young people are forced to hide their difference in order to avoid being persecuted. The novel explores the themes of intolerance, prejudice, and the importance of individuality. The book has been praised for its thought-provoking story and its exploration of complex issues."
What is Chrysalids summary?
The Chrysalids is a novel by science fiction author John Wyndham, first published in 1955. It is set in a future world devastated by nuclear war, where the few remaining humans have developed telepathic abilities. The story follows a group of telepathic children who are persecuted by the government and must flee to safety. The novel has been described as a warning against the dangers of intolerance and the need for understanding and tolerance of others.""
How does The Chrysalids relate to the real world?
The Chrysalids relates to the real world in a number of ways. The most obvious way is that it is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the Earth has been devastated by nuclear war. This is not too dissimilar from our own world, where the threat of nuclear war is always present.Another way that The Chrysalids relates to the real world is in its exploration of themes such as intolerance, prejudice and bigotry. The Chrysalids is set in a world where people are judged and discriminated against based on their physical appearance, and this is something that still happens in our own world today.The Chrysalids also explores the idea of what it means to be human, and what happens when our humanity is taken away from us. This is something that is relevant to our own world, where we are increasingly reliant on technology and where we are losing our connection to nature.
What does Sophie symbolize in The Chrysalids?
Sophie symbolizes the outcasts of society who are not accepted because they are different. She is an example of someone who is judged and discriminated against because she is not considered normal." She is also a symbol of hope and resilience, as she is able to overcome the obstacles that are placed in her path and find a place in the world where she is accepted."

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