Essays on Les Miserables

Essays on Les Miserables

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Les miserables: character analysis

Jean Valjean Jean Valjean is a central character of Les Miserables. His story is that of misery, pain, and injustice. Valjean is an epitome of change. He makes transitions from one kind of man to another, as dictated by his drastic experiences in life. Valjean’s …

CharacterLes Miserables
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Les Miserables Movie Review

For my AP World History Movie Review, I chose to watch Les Miserables; a movie based on the inspirational novel by Victor Hugo. I selected this movie because i had a summer assignment on it for ADV English and also because i thought it would …

Les MiserablesMovie Review
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A Literary Analysis of Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

The guilty one is not he who commits the sin, but the one who causes the darkness. Victor Hugo, Les Miserables at human beings inflict mat an of us as human ons why one may feel it varies from situation to that human beings inflict …

Les MiserablesLiterature
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Les Miserables – Primarily Historical Performance

The longest running and arguably the most powerful musical production to have ever hit the stage, Les Miserables has been seen by over 60 million people in 42 different countries across the globe. Since its opening night at the Barbican Theatre on October 8, 1985, …

Les Miserables
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After 19 years as a prisoner, Jean Valjean (Hugh Jackman) is freed by Javert (Russell Crowe), the officer in charge of the prison workforce. Valjean promptly breaks parole but later uses money from stolen silver to reinvent himself as a mayor and factory owner. Javert vows to bring Valjean back to prison. Eight years later, Valjean becomes the guardian of a child named Cosette after her mother's (Anne Hathaway) death, but Javert's relentless pursuit means that peace will be a long time coming.… MORE
Release date

December 25, 2012 (USA)


Tom Hooper


Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role


Hugh Jackman; Russell Crowe; Anne Hathaway; Amanda Seyfried; Eddie Redmayne; Helena Bonham Carter; Sacha Baron Cohen

Box office

$441.8 million

Frequently asked questions

What is the main message of Les Misérables?
The main message of Les Miserables is that love and hope can triumph over hatred and despair. The story follows the lives of Jean Valjean and Fantine, two people who are downtrodden and have lost all hope. Valjean is able to find redemption through his love for Fantine and her daughter, Cosette. He risks his life to save them from a life of poverty and despair. The story shows that even in the darkest of times, love and hope can still prevail.
What is Les Misérables about summary?
Les Misérables is a French historical novel by Victor Hugo, first published in 1862, that is considered one of the greatest novels of the 19th century. The novel follows the lives of several characters in France during the early 19th century, including the protagonist, Jean Valjean, who is an ex-convict. The novel examines themes of justice, morality, and redemption, and is set against the backdrop of the French Revolution.
What is unique about Les Misérables?
There are a number of things that make Les Miserables unique. First, it is one of the longest running musicals in history. It has been running for over 30 years and has been seen by over 65 million people. Second, the story is based on a novel by Victor Hugo, which is considered one of the greatest novels of all time. Third, the music is incredibly moving and memorable. Finally, the production values of the show are impressive, with beautiful sets and costumes.
Why did Victor Hugo wrote Les Miserable essay?
Victor Hugo was a French writer who is considered one of the greatest authors of the 19th century. He is well-known for writing Les Miserables, a novel about the poor and downtrodden people of France. Hugo was inspired to write Les Miserables after he witnessed the suffering of the poor during the Industrial Revolution. He wanted to raise awareness about the plight of the working class and show that even the most humble and downtrodden people have dignity and worth. Les Miserables is a story of hope and redemption, and it has resonated with readers for generations.

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