The Concept of Hope in Little Princess, a Book by Conor Grennan

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Last Updated: 21 Dec 2022
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In search for adventure, Conor Grennan decides to take a trip around the globe. His three month tour around the globe first started with volunteering at the little princess orphanage in the war torn Nepal. What began as just an exploration turned into a passionate commitment that would change his life and the life of dozens of children forever. Little Princess is a powerful story showing us the true spectrum of the nobleness vs, the darkness of human intent. The author's tone is hopeful and although we read of all the tragedies in the book, the book isn’t depressing at all due to Grennan’s humor. In little princess, Hope is the central idea that the author tries to convey to his readers.

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The hope that the children’s parents will be found and they will be reunited with their parents one day is what made me want to keep reading Also the hope that volunteers like liz and fareed are making a noticeable difference in the lives of the kids. Little princess concept of hope is truly remarkable.” I had not told the children I was coming. They were..t..for all they knew, it would be several years before I returned," This sentence shows us how Grennan had inspired hope within the children of Nepal. Little princess covers several important issues. It mainly highlights of the importance of recognizing the overlooked tragedies in the remote areas of the world and how a single person can make such a huge impact. The author shows us the importance of not taking simple things for granted. Grennan uses light humor and inspires a powerful sense of hope throughout the book of which I really enjoyed reading.

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