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The play King Lear was set a little while after the Spanish Armada. The play all starts off in King Lear’s Castle when he decides to retire and split his kingdom. After he divides his kingdom, he goes to Goneril’s castle where he sees Goneril’s true colors she demands half of his knights leave and, at that moment, Lear is so angry that he curses his daughter and storms out to live with Reagan in her castle. Once Lear arrives and tries to convince Regan to let him live with her, and says, “Beloved Regan, Thy sister’s naught: O Regan, she hath tied Sharp-tooth'd unkindness, like a vulture, here: points to his heart” (2.4.48) but still Regan insists that Lear go back to live with Goneril because she also thinks that Lear having all his knights is unnecessary and she will not house all of them. Lear then goes out into the storm and refuses to go back in because his daughters have betrayed him.

This all started when King Lear decided that he wanted to step down and retire from being King. He has three daughters Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia. Initially, he plans on dividing his kingdom between the three, but something happens. Cordelia is talking to herself and it is almost her turn to tell her father how much she loves him but doesn’t know how to put into words and is both shy and not willing to flatter. 'Then poor Cordelia! And yet not so; since I am sure, my love's More richer than my tongue' (1.1.9). Once it is Cordelia’s turn Lear ask her what she has to say to top her other sisters, but she says nothing. “Unhappy that I am, I cannot heave My heart into my mouth: I love your majesty According to my bond; nor more no less” (1.1.9). King Lear angered by her answer gives everything away to Goneril and Regan.

Lear is furious and mentions what has happened to the earl of Kent, a nobleman who served Lear and Gloucester who has two sons Edgar and Edmund. They both feel as though Lear is overreacting, but Lear doesn’t see anything wrong with what he has done. Gloucester's younger son Edmund is ambitious and conniving he will stop at nothing to gain power. “Well, my legitimate, if this is letter speed, And my invention thrive, Edmund the base Shall top the legitimate. I grow; I prosper: Now gods, stand up for bastards' (1.2.16). Edmund is starting his plan to trick his father in to see that he is the legitimate son, not Edgar. Edmund writes the letter and is making it obvious but tries to hide it once it has drawn his father's attention. Gloucester reads the letter aloud and is shocked by what he has read. Reading the letter makes Gloucester enraged he can't believe that Edgar would write such things, so he sends Edmund to go out and find him. Edmund finds his brother and tells him to run and hide from his father because he isn't very happy with him right now. Edgar is confused but still listens to his brother. 'some villain hath done me wrong' (1.2.20). Edgar begins to think someone has set him up but doesn't realize the person who is behind it all is right in front of him. To himself, Edmund say, 'A credulous father! And a brother noble, Whose nature is so far from doing harms, That he suspects none: on whose foolish is honesty My practices ride easy! I see the business. Let me, if not my birth, have lands by wit: All with me’s meet that I can fashion fit” (1.2.20). Edmund has now fooled both his father and brother and they haven’t suspected a thing.

King Lear still furious with both his children standing out in the rain begins to realize that although Cordelia didn't give him the answer, he was looking for she truly loved him. 'Let it be so; thy truth, then, be thy dower' (1.1.10). Lear let his feelings cloud his judgment and now has realized that Cordelia was the only genuine one. Gloucester finally arrives after getting his eyes ripped out by Cornwall. While Edgar is still disguised, he doesn't reveal to his father who he is, but Gloucester talks about how he shouldn't have been so naïve and believed his illegitimate son over Edgar. Gloucester asks Edgar who is in disguise to take him up to the highest hill so that he can jump off. Edgar leads him to a flat surface and tells Gloucester that he is high up because Gloucester can't see it with his own eyes. 'Why I do trifle thus with his despair is done to cure it' (4.6.84). Edgar tells him to jump but only does this so that Gloucester will put past the fact that he can no longer see.

One event that shaped King Lear was Lear diving his kingdom amongst his three daughters. He found out what Goneril and Regan’s true intentions were and turned on his daughter who loved him the most. But later, was joined back together with Cordelia. Another turning point in the play was when Gloucester was blinded to think his son Edgar wanted to kill him but in reality, Edmund just wanted to feel important and take all the power.

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What is the main theme of King Lear?
King Lear has a lot to say about the relation between appearance and reality. Lear doesn't care as much about the substance of his girls' love when they call them to publically confess their love for him.
What is the main plot of King Lear?
King Lear splits his kingdom among two of his daughters who flatter and banishes him from the third. The two oldest daughters, Lear and his wife, reject him at home. Lear then wanders aimlessly through the stormy night.
What is the moral of King Lear?
King Lear is a moral that says actions speak louder and more than words. It is easy for someone to say one thing and do the opposite.
How is King Lear a tragedy?
King Lear has a noble-born main character, but he makes a fatal wrong turn that causes extensive suffering and ultimately leads to the death and dismemberment of himself and others.

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