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Contemporary Management issues

Essay on Contemporary Management issues Introduction Understanding the need to develop organisation behaviour within organisations seems like something of a taboo subject until you understand the depth of the subject. If we view the organisation as an iceberg, above the water one can see goals, …

ManagementWho Moved My Cheese
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An Analysis of Moral in Who Moved My Cheese

Who Moved My Cheese? By Spencer Johnson, M. D. A Review and Essay By David Cox, Instructional Technology Facilitator Tioga Junior High School and Tioga High School At a time when Rapides Parish schools are once again facing huge financial deficits with resultant changes at …

MoralsWho Moved My Cheese
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The Baba Who’s Making Billions

On a sunny April Afternoon after a six hour drive from Delhi we arrive in the holy land of Haridwar. Ahead of us are two Patanjali Yogpeeths I & II spread across more than 100 acres of land each. With a capacity of 50,000 followers, people still wait for weeks …

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Steps to Success

1. Books are concentrated sources of wisdom. The more books you read, the more wisdom you expose yourself to. What are some books you can start reading to enrich yourself? Some books I’ve read and found useful are Think and Grow Rich, Who Moved My …

FuelMeditationMentorshipSuccessWho Moved My CheeseWisdom
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Short Story Business Books

It is no wonder that an increasing umber of short story business books (that also can be read during a short flight or train) has been published in the past decade. Before we would sneer at the genre, it is worth seeing who the authors …

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Who Moved My Cheese? An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life, published on September 8, 1998, is a bestselling seminal work and motivational business fable by Spencer Johnson.
Originally published

September 8, 1998


Self-help / motivational


94 pp


LC Class: BF637.C4 J64 1998

Dewey Decimal: 155.2/4

Frequently asked questions

What is the main message of Who Moved My Cheese?
The main message of Who Moved My Cheese is that change is a natural part of life and that we need to learn to adapt to it. The book follows the story of two mice, Sniff and Scurry, who live in a maze and depend on cheese for food. One day, they find that the cheese they are used to has been moved to a new location. At first they are resistant to change, but eventually they adapt and find new cheese. The book is a metaphor for how we should deal with change in our own lives.
Who Moved My Cheese short summary?
In the book, Who Moved My Cheese?, the author, Dr. Spencer Johnson, tells a simple story that illustrates the importance of adaptability in our lives. The story is about four characters who live in a maze and are in search of cheese. Cheese is a metaphor for what we want in life. The four characters are:1. Sniffy the mouse - Sniffy is a traditionalist who likes things to stay the same. He is resistant to change and is uncomfortable when things are different.2. Scurry the mouse - Scurry is an optimist who is always looking for the best in every situation. He is open to change and is excited by new opportunities.3. Hem the mouse - Hem is a pessimist who doesn't believe that things can be any different or better. He is resistant to change and is comfortable with the status quo.4. Haw the mouse - Haw is a realist who understands that change is a part of life. He is open to change and is willing to adapt to new situations.The story follows the four mice as they search for cheese in the maze. When they find cheese, they are all happy. But, when the cheese is gone, they each react differently.Sniffy is upset and doesn't understand why the cheese is gone. He is resistant to change and doesn't want to try new things.Scurry is excited and looks at the situation as an opportunity to find new cheese. He is open to change and is willing to try new things.Hem is scared and doesn't believe that things can be any different. He is resistant to change and is comfortable with the status quo.Haw is calm and realizes that change is a part of life. He is open to change and is willing to adapt to new situations.The story concludes with the four mice realizing that they each have a choice in how they react to change. They can either resist change and be unhappy, or they can embrace change and be happy.
Who Moved cheese personal reflection?
In my opinion, the answer to this question is that it depends on the person. Some people may feel that they are the ones who moved the cheese, while others may feel that someone else moved it. I think that it is important to think about who may have moved the cheese in your life and why they may have done so. This can help you to better understand the situation and to find a way to cope with it.
Who Moved My Cheese Summary and lessons?
The book Who Moved My Cheese" is a simple parable that tells a profound story. The story is about two mice named Sniff and Scurry, and two little people named Hem and Haw. Sniff and Scurry are always on the lookout for cheese, because they know that cheese is essential for their survival. Hem and Haw, on the other hand, are content to stay in their comfortable little home, never venturing out into the unknown in search of cheese.One day, Sniff and Scurry find a huge chunk of cheese in their home. Hem and Haw are content to just sit around and eat the cheese, but Sniff and Scurry know that the cheese won't last forever. They set out into the unknown in search of more cheese.Hem and Haw are content to stay in their little home, even when the cheese runs out. They convince themselves that there is no point in looking for more cheese, because they will just be disappointed when they don't find any. Sniff and Scurry, on the other hand, keep searching and eventually find an even bigger chunk of cheese. They are able to survive because they are willing to adapt to change and keep looking for cheese.The moral of the story is that it is important to be open to change and to keep looking for opportunities. Those who are content to stay in their comfort zone will eventually be left behind."

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