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It is true indeed that MS word is the very first introduced Microsoft application in the world, at first it is only used to replace the common typewriter but now it has evolved into a more demanding business process. Some of the real capabilities it gives in the current way of business are the following: (1) it has provided less time in writing than formatting, this means that many business ready made templates in word are now available which helps companies not anymore create their own customized templates or word documents, which helps in reducing time in creating business documents.

(2) Has been more communicate friendly with the use of latest charts and diagrams available in Word. This helps again businesses in just making use of this built in charts and diagrams in communicating business performances. (3) Quickly assemble the other advantages include: easy saving of files to PDF and XPS directly from MS Word can publish and maintain blogs directly from Word, It can connect business word documents and be updated directly from business information, in the latest release of MS word, it can also reduce file size and also improve corrupt file recovery.

This only shows that word documents are not anymore just for creating some simple and usual business documents which most of the time created from scratch, but now it becomes more well integrated and ready-made templates have increased in order to reduce time to create and more flexible for the unique business needs of the companies. (Microsoft Office Word 2007 top 10 benefits, 2008). V. Conclusion

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In this study, it shows that using computer application most especially MS Word does not only provides us how we can create simple document requirements, but it can also help business to effectively perform its transaction. It shows here that computer applications are not only used for simple transactions or business needs but it can be well exploited and be used to a more advanced business transaction such as financial reporting and job performance activities.

There are also some ready made templates that can also be used in order to minimize time and at the same time can easily be enhanced if needed. In other words companies must always think that implementing computer applications must be well utilized and be studied carefully in order to apply the best of its features and capabilities that can help company to improved its operation to achieve business growth and global competitiveness.


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