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A variety of Microsoft Word templates

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I have chosen three sites which provide a variety of Microsoft Word templates, www. wordtemplates. org, www. rsc. org and www. klariti. com. These sites offer free templates that may be downloaded for use but more elaborate templates are also available for a price. Wordtemplates. org provides various templates collected from around the globe (Microsoft Word Templates c. 2010). All templates available from this site are free. Categories of the templates include Agenda Template, Quotation Template, Postcard Template, Letterhead Templates, Newsletter Templates and Envelope Templates.

A variety of business templates are also available such as sales invoice, job description, cover sheet, bill of sale and meeting agenda templates among others. These templates are very useful in business since the setup and everything needed to be formatted aside from the content is already provided. All business templates are professionally made and are of high class. RSC Publishing also provides free Microsoft Word templates such as communication, report and article templates (Royal Society of Chemistry 2010).

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A variety of Microsoft Word templates

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Only a few templates available from this site may be used for business. For example, annual reports and specialist periodical reports are available for a business setting. Since most businesses require annual and periodical reports, these templates will come in handy in presenting standardized formats of reports as well as presenting clear and concise reports. Instructions on how to use these templates are also included in the download file. The last site I chose is from Klariti. com (Walsh 2010). This site provides free and professional templates.

The free templates include business, business process and sales templates. Professional templates which have to be bought include a variety of flowcharts, cost benefit analysis, configuration management plan templates, etc. Free templates may be used for business settings since it already provides the basic documents for businesses but the professional templates is more useful for this setting. This site has specific document formats for many business transactions and provides in depth knowledge about these documents.

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